Bantayan, Cebu Photo Diary

Let’s go to the beach..each..let’s go get away..♥

Now, how did i get to  Bantayan? Whew!
This trip was the most exhausting one yet! From Bacolod I flew in an airplane to Manila enroute to Cebu, took a bus from Cebu North Bus Terminal and got on a ferryboat from Hagnaya Wharf to Sta Fe Port just to get to my destination. #Ngarag but it’s worth it. Aaagh the price you have to pay for relaxation. And my short cut pabalik! We went from Bantayan straight to Cadiz, Negros via LANTZA pero take note sukalya ang beauty haha #MagBonamineKasi So ayan, sharing the photos hope you could see how beautiful the place really is! And i hope you could visit Bantayan Cebu the soonest, promise mag-i-enjoy kayo! ♥

Tambay din sa NAIA pag may time, eh ang dami ko kayang time? 7hrs sa Manila?! lol..

Ganda ng view noh? Gora na dito!

Eto, etchoserang palaka.. relax na relax na sya dito promise!

Si bakla ayaw paawat sa tubig oh..cge lang teh, gow lang!

Love lots,

Aulinnie ♥