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#Marae baten garrantzia

#Orakei Maraea ezagutzeko aukerea izan dot. Marae bat Maorien bilgunea da, ez bakarrik batzar etxea (wharenui - etxe handia) baizik inguru guztia. Maorien kulturan maraeak zer garrantzia daukan azaltzeko eskatu neutsen gure gidari.

So Close!


It’s getting so close! Only 24 Days left before we venture on to New Zealand! 

We found out yesterday that when we arrive in Dunedin on April 8th, we will be going straight to the beach to take surfing lessons at St. Clair! How amazing is that!? Check out more info here:

Now, before we even get to Dunedin, we decided that we want to bungee jump in Auckland before we leave…which is something that I am kind of dreading! I do not deal well with free falling + heights, but then again it is a once in a lifetime sort of adventure, which makes me want to do it more. 

I have a lot going on these next couple of weeks, which I know, will make them go by so fast! I have training this week and next, and long weekends! Because of this, I realize that our trip to New Zealand is in fact RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!

I haven’t written anything in a few days, because I really didn’t have anything interesting to write about, but that is changing as the days count down to our trip!

Cheers & Good Health!