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“In a different world,” John says, “We could have been.”

Sherlock laughs tonelessly, “I would have taken all of you. I would have tried to strip you down and rebuild you in my image. I would have ruined you, I would have killed you. You deserve far better than me, John.” He smiles, but it isn’t a smile at all, “I’m glad you found it.”

Sherlock,” John breathes.

Mary,” Sherlock reminds him.

The sun breaks over the horizon. It is John’s wedding day.

from ‘Walk Through Ghosts' by augustbird

[Part 1] [Part 2]


John in the aftermath. Post-reichenbach

John never goes to the morgue. He goes back to 221B and takes a long shower. When he brushes his teeth, he looks at the strands of black hair on the bathroom counter.

He sends a text to Sherlock before he goes to sleep: How did you do it?

In the morning, John opens his eyes and checks his phone for a reply. There is none.


"…it’s hard to explain to other people the sort of love that dug its claws into the soft flesh of his belly, the sort of love that worked its way into his ribcage and wore his skin. The sort that dragged him through the dirt and tore apart his veins and left him gasping for more.”

~ Burn Down by augustbird

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Sherlock looks sad most days. John isn’t sure what Sherlock is sad about. He gives Sherlock hugs and says, “I love you,” a lot because those are things that would cheer John up.

Sherlock never says, “I love you,” back, though, which makes John sad. But then both he and Sherlock would be sad and that would just be too much sad in one room. (X)


“In Kabul,” Sherlock says, his voice low and steady, “I hallucinated you for five nights. You were wearing your uniform and you cleaned up my wounds.”

“I don’t care,” John says but he can’t pull away from Sherlock. Sherlock stares at him without blinking, the same unnerving stare from when they had first seen each other again.

“Winter in St. Petersburg—”

“Shut up.”

“—it was freezing, obviously, but I imagined that you were there and I told you everything in an abandoned warehouse and you—”

“Shut up.”

“—told me that I had to finish, that I had to persevere—”

“Shut up.”

“—to get back to you. In Seoul I dreamt of you here, in London—”

“Shut up!”

“—under the umbrella in the rain, laughing about the lack of cabs—”

Sherlock’s holding him too tightly. John wants to punch him in the face.

I kept your picture in my wallet for three years but you kept me alive.

John kisses him. Their teeth clack and the inside of John’s lip stings. There’s the taste of blood in his mouth on top of the pain. The back of his legs hit the bed. Sherlock kisses him back desperately.

from Burn Down, by augustbird

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It feels so obvious. It’s not in the wrinkles of his clothes or the colour of his teeth or even hiding in his nail beds, but it might as well be.

Word count: 7,168

Tags: Pining, Unresolved Sexual Tension, Unrequited Love, Longing






so I just got my stats grade

the class that I’ve been stressing over…if you’ve been following me for awhile you know what I’m talking about. I’ve made a billion text posts about this class and I’ve tried to withdraw from it after the withdrawal deadline cause I was sure I failed.

Guess what

I got




augustbird and I watched London tonight. It was not good.

ten fics!!

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