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AP 61 // Aug 1993 // Smashing Pumpkins
“What starts alternative music or punk rock or whatever? The initial idea, which is, ‘I’m going to do something different, I’m going to do my own thing’ is great. But all it turns into is a private jack-off football club, where it’s like, ‘I’m cool, you’re not cool.’ These bands end up being like what drove them away in the first place.”

tilthendoftheline asked:

so after a long and grueling job search i have an offer for a job i think i'll be really good at with a group of people who seem pretty awesome. but i need help: i have to move to NYC (YAY!!) from rural NC in a relatively short time period. the good news: i do have some money saved, so that's not an issue. but...i need to find a place for a couple months (my cousin is there, and we may live together when her lease is up in aug.), move my essentials from NC and the bulk of my stuff from (con.)

TN, find a home for one dog who isn’t built for NYC living space, move my other dog with me (probably she can’t fly), figure out what to do with my car which i don’t want to take but may need to get there initially (see dog, above), find a comic shop, find a crossfit gym, and generally not freak out too much to accomplish all of the above. any logistical advice?

That is a lot to worry about! I can see why you’re feeling freaked out.

But remember that you don’t have to worry about all of this at once. Just for example, finding a comic shop? Not ever going to be life and death. Make a “do when I get there” list and put that at the bottom, because seriously, you shouldn’t even be thinking about finding a comic shop (or a gym) until you find a place to move into and get settled. 

What I would be doing (what I did) in your situation is make a list of all the individual things I have to do – the therbligs – in whatever order they come to mind; once I’ve got them all done, I sort them by priority. So you have to:

a) Find temporary housing in or near NYC where you can have a dog

b) Find a place for the dog you can’t take with you

c) Get your car ready for the trip

d) Pack up all your stuff and move. 

NOTHING ELSE of your list needs to happen until you get to New York. So now you only have four things to worry about. And really of those, right this minute, you only have the first two to worry about.  

Stuff like “What do I do with my car once I’m in New York” is important, but unless you’ve got a place to live in New York, who cares? Find a home, then deal with the car. The worst-case scenario is that you can’t find a place to store it and have to sell it to some shady weirdo off the internet. 

Most of the stuff you’re (legitimately!) freaked out about isn’t going to resolve itself until you get to New York, so you can set it aside. Write it on your “When I Get There” list, fold it in half so you can’t read it, and magnet it to your fridge. When you get to New York, unfold it, put it on your new fridge, and then ignore it until you’ve unpacked.

Good luck! It sounds like an awesome opportunity. I hope you find a safe place to stash Dog #1 :D

💚 @focusedmindphotography “Long Journey people
16years old diagnosed Hodgskins Lymphoma ………….beat cancer at 17
I’ll be 23 Aug.24th
You do the math.. Part of why my attitude is always Positive. You learn to appreciate the little things a lot more when facing something as serious as cancer. I do these types of pictures every year just cause its a celebration for me.
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by @moutheyes

BTS released their comeback trailer for Dark & Wild, their first full album, on Aug. 5, 2014, immediately grabbing attention with a kaleidoscope of love in full bloom and then beset by catastrophe, set to Rapmon’s frenetic, lovelorn “What Am I to You.” A few days later, as a pre-release, they started streaming “Let Me Know” on their website, and by the time the first chorus hit, I was fully convinced that this little ragtag group was going to do great things.

“Let Me Know” is unequivocally my favorite BTS song. It’s a storm in a teacup, dark water churning and frothing and cresting until it collapses in on itself, washing all the broken smashed-up pieces away. If BTS’ early discography is sprinkled occasionally with songs that treat romance with a lighter touch, then Dark & Wild acknowledges the brutality of hurt feelings and wounded egos, and “Let Me Know” especially is stained with the nuclear fallout of love lost, at once personal and cosmic. I want to write thousands of words about this song, but in the interests of actually finishing anything coherent, I’ll just point out a few things:

  • Giving V the opening refrain was a subtle but brilliant move. His voice, which is 95% echo and 5% sandgrain, perfectly suits the lyrics that punctuate the rest of the song: “On top of this ending tune / I am standing here alone / Now tell me / That it’s over, let me know.” There’s not much affect to his vocals, emotions faded out by something as yet unidentified—despair? fatigue? grief? His lines repeat after Suga and J-Hope’s verses, hollow each time, settling the listener into a disquiet lull in between the preceding rap verses and the soaring desperation of the chorus proper.
  • There are five stages of grief, but BTS only has three steps to coping with the end of a relationship. Anger: Suga’s opening verse swells with it, growing more and more agitated until he’s spitting out visceral reminders of love lost: “Your hand, your body, your heat that was hotter than the equator.” Desolation: J-Hope’s middle verse is the most melancholy we’ve ever heard him, full of references to falling dominoes, Romeo and Juliet and clouds in darkness, but it’s the rhythm of his delivery—stuttering, hesitant, ending abruptly on an exhaled expletive—that grips you like a fist. Resignation: Rapmon completes the cycle, channeling Kid Cudi at his emotional nadir, sighing out his lines with gravel and bile in his throat. It’s acceptance, not that it’s over, but that he will never be over it. You can try to let go, but some images are indelible no matter how much you try to choke them out of your memory.
  • BTS isn’t exactly known for having amazing vocals, but they use that to their advantage in this track. The rawness of the chorus, the deliberate straining for those high notes, Jimin’s plaintive ad-libs at the end when everything starts flying out of control—their voices are a vehicle for desperation: So tell me anything / girl, let me know. The melody is a constant plea, expressive by way of repetition.

Because “Let Me Know” isn’t a single, there are only about four or five decent-quality live performances available for viewing. This one from their comeback showcase is a largely faithful rendition and the cleanest in terms of staging and editing. I’m also quite fond of this performance on KBS Kiss the Radio, which is actually a pretty flawed effort by the singers, but the mics are actually loud enough, and I appreciate that they brought a lot of extra flourishes.

Lastly, a recommendation: Listen to “Let Me Know” with your best pair of earphones in, so you can hear all the echoes in the song, from the opening bars to the beats that land like raindrops down a deep well. There are voices everywhere, especially in the chorus; let them surround you like a room full of ghosts.

@moutheyes loves watching idols eat.

I did not sleep well at all last night. My hip is still bothering me so I was flipping over all night like a fish. But when I woke up baby was awake & kicking which made me smile. I can’t believe on Monday I’ll be in our third trimester… Our baby will be here before we know it!

Conventions 2015

Next few conventions this year :)

22-24th London MCM CONFIRMED - (With Nikki Stu, WIll Kirkby and YF Studio)

26th-28th June Sunnycon Sunderland CONFIRMED (With Nikki Stu)

10-12th Hyper Japan, London O2 stadium BOOKED (With YF Studio)
17-19th London Film and comic con BOOKED
25-26th Manchester MCM  CONFIRMED (With Nikki Stu)

(I’mma gonna die in July… T-T)

29th Mancster con, Salford  BOOKED

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