There is a poem in my veins
knocking on the walls and trying to get out,
my heavy heart is filled with doubt,
that muscle will always remember the pain.
‘If there is no reason to write, then why even bother?’,
but there is a reason so loud, I can’t smother
the sound of the pulsing poem running through my body.

This time I won’t hold my breath,
this time I will make sure I won’t forget,
that there are poems in my veins
that there is a cure for all this pain
and that I won’t hide anymore,
even if fear will knock on my door,
again, I won’t hide anymore,
I won’t hide anymore.

Heartfelt support brings gifts, a better life for bullied Turlock 8th-grader

A bullied Turlock eighth-grader who contemplated suicide earlier this year has a new start in a new school and a lot to look forward to thanks to an outpouring of community support.

“No way!” was the reaction of a nearly speechless Breanna Mendoza, 14, on Wednesday night as Modesto businessman Craig Day unveiled gift after gift from local businesses. All will contribute to a magical Aug. 15, when Breanna and family travel in style to a Taylor Swift concert at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, the tickets donated by Day.

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zerrie checklist

The album’s lead single,Wings”, was released on 26 August 2012  

DNA was released on 19 November 2012 in the UK via Syco Music

Chap. 1) Onetrueluv. Dec 2012: LM talked about how “smitten” Zayn is with Perrie. They said, “[We’ve] never seen a boy love a girl as much as he loves her.”

Chap. 2) whipped boyfriend. Dec 2012, Zayn jetted back to the UK to “save””” zerrie””. 

Chap. 3) back on track. April: Zayn and Perrie post selfies together (+dog(s)). 

Chap. 4) 4eva. Aug 20, 2013: Perrie is spotted wearing a ring at the “This Is Uspremiere.

*No release date for album n3 - it’s pushed back since 2014

Chap. 1) Onetrueluv 2015

Chap. 2) whipped boyfriend 2015

Chap. 3) back on track 2015

Chap. 4) 4eva … 2015


It’s almost funny …it’s like modest has a PR checklist everytime lm drop a lead single..(except salute which was all about a wedding in barbados/ a christmas wedding and a baby bump X X…)


A peek at the OEMNIBUS! This book is  filled with collaborations with creators I admire and work with. Bryan J.L. Glass, Neil Vokes, Gregory Titus, Ethen Beavers, Brian Quinn and Daniel Berman and more are a part of this collection of work I’ve done at Image over the past 15 years. Tara Marques is designing this book, she came up with the cover and beautiful book design.

The Oemnibus is available in Aug, pre order now from Image Comics!

Can You Spot Normans On Stage At Woodstock?

A certain someone I met a week or so ago at this art show thing in NYC asked for a trip to Woodstock. I’m happy to oblige!

Woodstock! Mud, drugs and sex get the hype, but don’t forget the music! Surprisingly, one of the most iconic performances of the three-day festival in 1969 happened on the fourth, before a crowd of less than 100,000 people! (Some say much, much less.)

Rain and numerous other delays pushed Jimi Henrix’s performance ahead by over eight hours. By the time he took the stage at 8:30 a.m. on Monday Aug. 18, much of the half-a-million-strong crowd had shambled off on their way home before the first note of the guitar genius’ 2+ hour performance.

But not Norman! He made it through the crowds and closed out the event making musical history with with the guitar genius! Can you spot all three of hims?

ORIGINAL PHOTO: Allan Koss / © Authentic Hendrix, LLC

INBOX me with your guesses (Sorry, I can’t respond to anons without giving away the answers).

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Be a nice fan: Remember, Norman’s a person like you! (plus, looks great in eyeliner and Hawaiian shirts!)

Special thanks to this week’s STR sounding board: jenben415, diixonwalsh, and mememem1! Much support and feedback during hand recovery!


We are super excited to announce our upcoming Latin America arena shows! Tickets will go on sale during the next couple of days, we’ll keep you posted and see you there! VIP Tix will go on sale tomorrow… Stay tuned


… more countries to come!

anonymous asked:

When do you start grad school classes? Good luck.

August 24th! Last day of nannying is Aug 14th so I’ll get a 10 day summer break, which I’m more than a little excited about.

“Das ist mir zu verdreht du redest viel doch sagst mir nichts. Mir kommts so vor als ob du nicht mal meine Sprache sprichst. Man wegen dir machte ich Nächte lang keine Auge zu, ein Funken wird zum Flächenbrand und ich wurde genau wie du. Ich glaub das ist nicht gut, denn das belastet mein Immunsystem. Es macht mich krank dass wir uns hassen und nicht gut verstehen. Ich werd verrückt, wenn ich dran denke dass du traurig bist.”

Bald, Vielleicht, Hoffentlich kriegen wir das hin.
Becky G, Pentatonix, The Vamps & More Headed to Disney's Sounds of Summer

This summer a slew of artists are heading to the Disney Channel for the Sounds of Summer programming event. Becky G, The Vamps, Sheppard, Pentatonix and RaeLynn will all make appearances on the network’s shows – and, yes, it will include performances.

They will appear on programs including Austin & Ally, Girl Meets World, I Didn’t Do It, Jessie, K.C. Undercover as well as Liv and Maddie. It all kicks off on June 14 and runs through Aug. 26. Network stars Ross Lynch, Laura Marano and Dove Cameron will also be getting in on the action.

It’s also been announced that a chart countdown special, Disney 3x5 Live, will premiere on July 17. It will feature performances and studio visits by artists and online influencers as well as audience members. Disney 3x5 Live will include the Top 5 Songs of the Day, Top 5 Trending Topics of the Day and the Top 5 Viral Videos of the Day.

You can check out the full schedule below.

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Love my fridge & new stove!! Hubby is currently packing up the rest of the stuff while I’m at work. Then he’s moving everything with my brother later this afternoon. I can’t wait to go home to our new house today after I go pick up the cats & bring them to our new home!! 5.28.15


The Thomas Sowell Reader 2011










 カーキが入荷致しました。 ¥19.800+TAX

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