this is the story of some really great friends

when we were preparing to leave france, our program director daniel gave us a lecture on reverse culture shock. he explained that in some sense, we will have changed dramatically and our friends back in college will have, too, but not necessarily in the same way. and while we are so excited to share stories and talk all about our time in europe, they might not want to hear every single detail.

he then gave the analogy: let’s say, back when you were in the states at college with your friends, you all watched a tv show together like lost and when you left, you were all on season 4. then throughout your entire journey, they still kept up watching lost, but you didn’t. so when you come back, you may be on season 5, but they’ve all moved onto season 6. you’ve missed everything and it can feel like you’ll never catch up.

so scary, huh? well, i decided to drive down to bloomington on sunday for this big boat trip party that me and my work friends (the audsquad aka some of my best friends on campus) were all going to. i spent sunday night with my friend erin who got to travel to london for the summer and intern. then we all got together yesterday morning.

i had serious butterflies. i was nervous to see my friends. scared that time has changed us too much. worried that they’re all just super close with each other and i’m the odd man out.

i could not have been more WRONG! i was welcomed with giant hugs, huge smiles and genuine questions about my experience. i spent the whole day with them out on the boat, going to dinner and even experiencing my first bloomington bar. it was as if we picked back up right where we left off. yeah, we are all a little bit different, but i think everyone just got that much better.

i couldn’t ask for better friends in the whole world! i cannot wait for the semester to start and to live right by all of them! SOUTH SIDE BTOWN BABY!

i love you, audsquad! thanks for a bombing pregame to senior year!