It was dark now and Tyler’s mother was now home in her room. His sisters were sound asleep and he sat idle in his room. His ocean blue eyes stared blankly at the wall. “That’s it…I’m done waiting,” he sneered standing up. “I’m going to see what’s going on!” He half shouted while slipping on a green tank top.

Climbing out his window and onto the roof he jumped. off irritated and disgruntled. “Why is he ignoring me!?” The surfer questioned out loud while walking towards his lover’s home.

When he reached the house a few lights were on downstairs giving him not choice but to climb up the side and try to see if Audrin was in his room. However, with no luck it was dark, and he could now hear someone coming outside.

"Fuck…," he whispered before pushing himself up closer to the side of the house as he hung from the windows ledge. Glancing he saw the figure of an older man, had ti have been his uncle, outside.


I was dared to do this, and it’s like 2:02 AM so no time better to do something like this, right?

Idk, I’m physically exhausted. Mentally I’m still pretty awake.

Audrin, you get THREE because they were all attempts to make the same face with better lighting but it obviously didn’t work that way.

When we got to the park I felt like we were all kids again. Tossing the baseball to each other and laughing…even though I usually can’t catch it…and I got hit in the face AND head with it a few times…it was still nice.

It was nice to have the three of us together again. Teasing one another and just simply feeling alive, it was nice having Audrin there too. He didn’t play catch with us, but he sat with Watson and just seemed to enjoy the moment with us. 

Cooper was smiling and he just seems so happy again. I miss seeing him like this. He’s so busy with his studies I think he forgets there’s more to life from to time.

We’re going swimming at some secret place that Tyler and Audrin found now though.