audreyyyautopsy said:

I just saw that you went to get your industrial done. I'm going to get mine done, but I'm so scared. What was it like?!

i was really scared too! trust me, you have nothing to worry about. it really doesn’t hurt anywhere near as much as you think. it’s so super quick, like less than a minute and you’re done. it’s a bit tender now but i really do love it, it was totally worth it. good luck! :D

audreyyyautopsy replied to your postoh you listen to evanescence you must be death obsessed emo goth go cut yourself

Lols, I love the ignorance of this guy. I’m a Christian and I listen to Evanescence. If this schmuck knew anything, he’d know that Evanescence was founded at a Christian camp and Bring Me To Life was on the top 100 for Christian Music Charts. Idiot.

Same! And Amy’s a Christian! Evanescence is art. Gotta love the internet.