“She was always quite amazed by the fact that she was seen as such a beauty icon and as a great actress, she was very shy about that part of her global appreciation. It was certainly something that she enjoyed but it wasn’t something that she was looking for. She didn’t have a high opinion of her own work and she would be quite amazed that she’s an icon and example in so many ways. My mother thought everybody should be allowed to make their own choices and be allowed to feel more beautiful. I don’t know if she would have had surgery herself but maybe and in her general style it would have been minor. She was very proud and very happy about ageing and she really believed that women and men shouldn’t hide their ageing process even by wearing youthful clothes or going too far away with plastic surgery because that’s when it becomes ridiculous, and there’s an age for everything.One of the reasons for her low self esteem is that when she started out some newspaper articles depicted her as not so perfect. She had big feet, a big nose and small breasts. She wasn’t at all what the average beautiful girl was perceived as, especially by men.”

-Luca Dotti