I’m working on a Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle (confirmed) animation and need help from some lovely voice actresses who can get some lines within the next week! I’ve posted some of the shots to show how far production is currently, and once I get the lines I can finish the video from here! Submit your best Pinkie Pie and/or Twilight Sparkle auditions to penguinpotential@gmail.com You’ll be featured in the credits of the video, as well as a link to your social media page in the comments! No money, sorry, but I hope we can have fun working on this together!

Any lines from the show will do, or make up your own! If I choose you, please reply as soon as possible so I can send the real lines and have you record them. The sooner the better!

Edit: As of 8/26 auditions are closed. Thanks to everyone who auditioned!

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Check Out These ‘Game of Thrones’ Audition Tapes

While not many audition tapes for Game of Thrones have been leaked to the public, these few have - The Hound, Khal Drogo, and Arya & Sansa Stark. Click here to check out these actors nailing their roles perfectly, way before they were officially cast.

How to Research Auditions

Audition Research:

1.Backsatge Magazine

  • Samuel French
  • News Stands
  • Some Grocery Stores
  • Also Online at backstage.com

2. Actors Equity Website

  • Great for all regions and upcoming calls and going as NON UNION to try to get in, if less crowded day of actors.

3. NowCasting.com

  • Great for all kinds of calls: Union, Non Union, Film, TV, Voice overs etc.
  • Can post a reel and several headshots online and submit yourself with any of the headshots to the various auditions.
  • Can also sign up for membership (as low as $10/month) and have nowcasting send you the auditions that are right for your type, then you can submit yourself.
  • Can post your resume online as well.

4. LACasting.com

  • Simular to nowcasting.com. Another good resource for auditions.

5. ActorsAccess.com

  • Good to get allowed ‘breakdowns’ from agents and casting directors. Connected to Showfax.com for sides for auditions.
  • Good place to put up your reel as well.

6. ShowFax.com

  • Great place to get for auditions in all major cities in all categories.
  • Most Agents post sides here. You maybe able to not only research you role but other roles in that same production.
[Audition] Gamer Girls (6F/3M) OPEN AUDITIONS

This is an update and an ‘official’ post to audition for “Gamer Girls”! This is an upcoming YouTube series that will be premiering sometime in November/December, if not January of 2015. 

I am looking for some lovely ladies to take on some of the roles as the voices (as well as other characters (men are available too!))! It’s a free/volunteer-based project, so please keep this in mind. However, the work schedule is flexible! This is also an ORIGINAL project, so you may list it on your professional resumes.



  • D&D isn’t just for guys. Join the Gamer Girls of UICC (University of Chicago) as they hack and slash their way through dungeons and get hyper on Mountain Dew until they pass out or lose all their health. However, having the double X chromosome isn’t always as pleasant as people think, especially when you roll dice for damage…


  • If you are uncertain about your audition and you want me to critique you before you send an ‘official’ audition, send me a message/email and I will do so as soon as I can! However, this must be done before the 19th (one day before deadline)
  • NO EXPERIENCE IS NEEDED IN EITHER VOICE ACTING OR DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS. I am not expecting the talents to be skilled in playing the game nor have any previous credits to voice acting. All I require is good characterization and a good quality sound. =)
  • You may audition for ANYONE if you feel you can do it (That means men, you can audition for women, and girls, you can audition for the guys!) It needs to be believable enough to be within the genders I placed for each character.
  • Bloopers get you bonus points are very much welcome. I love bloopers.
  • Lastly, have fun! Please have fun with your audition! I am not here to be intimidating nor is this a project that demands a suit and tie type of behavior. If you’re nervous, take a deep breath and just give it your all! Even if I don’t cast you, this is an experience all VA’s looking through jobs go through and it’s meant to be fun, not demeaning in any way =)

If you are interested in voicing in this project, please read the project details below!

  • Deadline is SEPTEMBER 20th, 11:59pm Central Time.

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Hello comic fans and budding voice actors!

Official Announcement

Young Avengers Live is looking for actors of all experience to participate in this project. Young Avengers Live is a skit podcast that will bring adventure and comedy featuring your favorite teen heroes. We will also be bringing the podcast live at select future cons! The podcast is set to debut in early 2015 so we need your help! There are many characters available that need their voices. Send in an audition! You never know what talent you have until you try, right? This is a great way to bust your acting chops or just have fun with your character.

If you’re attending any cons this year be sure to look for live audition panels!

Can’t participate as a main cast member? Don’t worry! There are other characters that will be available periodically for casting when the scripts calls for them. 

Any questions or concerned can be directed to the inbox! Please share this if you know other’s that would be interested in participating. 

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