A couple of days after the Curren$y concert I was riding around in the Charger jammin, reflecting on the bomb ass show. Spitta does a quick little fan check where he plays some obscure cuts and peeps who knows the song. My man has released a lot of music over the years, so was not familiar with some of the older joints. Fuck, how many awesome ass songs have I not heard by my favorite artist? What about artist I knew but never really got in to like that? I had almost had a panic attack when I thought about the songs I had not heard by the artist I did not know. I had to listen to more. 

Ahhhhh the power of social media. I asked the facebook world to recommend me some of their favorite albums. I received an eclectic mix of some of my favorite albums by my favorite artists, albums by artists I knew,  but never really got into like that, and other artists that I would never have considered listening to. I was amped to revisit some of my favorite classics, and find some new favorites that had remained hidden to me.

This right here quickly became a nice piece of discovered audio treasure . My man Sticky Fingaz fell into that I know you, but don’t really rock with you like that category. My man Terrance recommended I listen to his solo debut album, Black Trash: The Auto Biography of Kirk Jones. It’s a pretty solid  listen, with this very song being the crown jewel. Eminem on the hook, asking how he would be treated if he were white set this joint off, but did not over shadow the point my man Sticky. 

Every time I stumble upon one of these audio jewels I’ll share it with the world. Maybe you’ll find something you like. Enjoy