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Part Of That World
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sooo, I actually got to the daily audio upload limit (never thought I’d say that) so I had to wait to post this. There’s more coming. blame dumplingnooona, olicitykisses, mimozka, smoakinamell, justanother90sbaby, flash-smoak-and-arrows and redpendreaming

excuse my voice all the singing has made it really freaking hoarse.

Lyrics by the wonderful arrows-and-fairytales
Maybe they’re right,
Maybe there is something the matter with me,
I just don’t see how couple like that, couldn’t be otp.

Look at this scene, isn’t it neat?
Wouldn’t you think my shipper heart is complete?
Wouldn’t you think I’m the fan,
The fan who has everything?
Look at this love, stories untold
How many moments can one ship hold?
Looking around here you’d think
Sure, we got everything

We’ve got kisses and “i love you’s” a plenty
We’ve got fanfics and gifsets galore
You want theories? Metas? I’ve got twenty!
But who cares? No big deal,
I want more

I wanna be at Paley Fest
I wanna see, wanna see ‘em endgame
Talking a lot about
What do you call it again? Oh, spoilers
Sittin’ around you don’t get too far
Twitter is required for askin’, demandin’
Scrolling down through that
What’s that word again?

There where they hug, there where they kiss
There where they stay a power couple
Dreaming my dreams
Wish I could see, part of that world

What would I give if I could live
Out of this darkness?
What would I pay to spend a day
Seein’ them happy?
Betcha’ Marc, and Andrew too,
Bet they already know the ending
Happy fan girls, sick of cryin’
Ready to see!

And ready to know what the writers know
Ask ‘em my questions
And get some answers
What’s five seconds and what does it - what’s the word?

When’s it my turn?
Wouldn’t I love, love to see my otp happy?
Out of the angst
Wish I could see
Part of that world

Don't worry I'm leaving again forreal and you won't see me in the next ten days but

I’m breaking my hiatus (because I am weak) to say that I gave my senior speech today! I thought it went awfully, but people are saying nice things to me about it, which I appreciate. Once the school sends me the video of it, I’ll upload the audio, and I expect every one of you who isn’t a porn blog to watch it. It’s not, despite the tremendous support I would have had had I done it, about beetle sex. I think it’s a really cool concept, even cooler than beetle sex, though I don’t know how well I articulated it. It’s definitely different from other senior speeches I’ve heard, and it was really long, probably about thirteen minutes? I stumbled through it and messed up quite a lot, but I suppose it wasn’t as awful as I expected (I expected to burst into tears even though my speech didn’t even have emotions in it I’m so lame). I’m pretty sure I put the middle schoolers to sleep, too, but they’re irrelevant anyway.

Anyway, that’s a quick update on my life. I’ll leave these next ten days for you to surf the internet and blog in peace, and then I will be back with my usual routine. See y’all then!

parts from the album FOUR where harry and louis’ solos fit together pretty darn well (harry left ear louis right)

  1. ready to run
  2. 18
  3. fools gold
  4. fireproof
  5. stockholme syndrome
  6. illusion 
  7. once in a lifetime 
Rin's magazine?
  • Rin's magazine?
  • Free! Drama CD

NAGISA: Huh? I see a magazine peeking out from under the bed.
REI: Nagisa-kun, don’t! You mustn’t touch that! There’s only one type of book that boys hide underneath their beds!
NAGISA: Like what? *stare*
REI: Eh? That is… um… Don’t look at me with those eyes full of pure innocence!
MAKOTO: T–That’s right! You shouldn’t look at those!
GOU: What is it?! I want to know!
REI: You don’t want to know!
MAKOTO: Let’s pretend we didn’t see it, okay?
GOU: I want to see it!
HARUKA: I want to see it, too!
MAKOTO: Not you too, Haru!
GOU: As his little sister, I take full responsibility for looking at it! [grabs for it]
MAKOTO: No, don’t!
REI: The space underneath the bed is holy ground for men! It’s not for other people to touch–
GOU: Got it!
GOU: T–This is…
HARUKA: Monthly Muscle Magazine!
GOU: I buy this every month! I didn’t know my brother read it too!
MAKOTO: You read Monthly Muscle Magazine too, huh, Gou-chan…
NAGISA: [flips through] “Special feature on running, the extensor crappy uterus muscle”…
MAKOTO: Nagisa? It’s extensor carpi ulnaris muscle. Umm, and… “For this autumn’s trend… we will further examine the charm of the sternocleidomastoid muscle”…?
REI: T–There are a lot of muscle pictures in there…
NAGISA: Does Rin-chan have a muscle fetish too?
HARUKA: Maybe it’s so he has something to talk about with Gou?

Translation credit

05. 合宿
  • 05. 合宿
  • TVアニメ『Free!』ドラマCD 「岩鳶高校水泳部 活動日誌1」

MAKOTO: Despite it all, you keep a good eye over everyone, Haru.
HARUKA: I just see the forms they swim. (If it isn’t good…)
MAKOTO: If it isn’t good form, it’ll make them harder to be one with the water, right?
HARUKA: How could you tell?
MAKOTO: I just can. Do you know how many years we’ve been together?
HARUKA: Then what am I thinking right now?
MAKOTO: Why does that make you act stubborn? …Let’s see… “Makoto, you dummy,” along those lines?
HARUKA: …You’re right…
MAKOTO: I could see it in your face…
HARUKA: How about now?!
MAKOTO: Are we still doing this?! Hmm, let’s see… “I hope dinner is mackerel cooked in miso,” or something?
HARUKA: No. The correct answer is mackerel grilled with salt. I win.
MAKOTO: [laughs] Hey, what kind of contest is this?

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