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taylorswift this is a video of my everyday life featuring your amazing album 1989!!! I spent a lot of time filming and editing this video <3 I hope you like my awesome dance moves at the end! 


the acapella version is so amazing.

Has anyone had a chance to get familiar with the new version of the audio uploader on this site?  I’m trying to put the sources on the gear button of my tracks but for some reason it doesn’t save it?

I actually love the mobile app, I use it more than the website, so finally, revamped notifications is a big deal.
Next up, uploading audio files without having to head to the desktop site?

parts from the album FOUR where harry and louis’ solos fit together pretty darn well (harry left ear louis right)

  1. ready to run
  2. 18
  3. fools gold
  4. fireproof
  5. stockholme syndrome
  6. illusion 
  7. once in a lifetime 
Rin's magazine?
  • Rin's magazine?
  • Free! Drama CD

NAGISA: Huh? I see a magazine peeking out from under the bed.
REI: Nagisa-kun, don’t! You mustn’t touch that! There’s only one type of book that boys hide underneath their beds!
NAGISA: Like what? *stare*
REI: Eh? That is… um… Don’t look at me with those eyes full of pure innocence!
MAKOTO: T–That’s right! You shouldn’t look at those!
GOU: What is it?! I want to know!
REI: You don’t want to know!
MAKOTO: Let’s pretend we didn’t see it, okay?
GOU: I want to see it!
HARUKA: I want to see it, too!
MAKOTO: Not you too, Haru!
GOU: As his little sister, I take full responsibility for looking at it! [grabs for it]
MAKOTO: No, don’t!
REI: The space underneath the bed is holy ground for men! It’s not for other people to touch–
GOU: Got it!
GOU: T–This is…
HARUKA: Monthly Muscle Magazine!
GOU: I buy this every month! I didn’t know my brother read it too!
MAKOTO: You read Monthly Muscle Magazine too, huh, Gou-chan…
NAGISA: [flips through] “Special feature on running, the extensor crappy uterus muscle”…
MAKOTO: Nagisa? It’s extensor carpi ulnaris muscle. Umm, and… “For this autumn’s trend… we will further examine the charm of the sternocleidomastoid muscle”…?
REI: T–There are a lot of muscle pictures in there…
NAGISA: Does Rin-chan have a muscle fetish too?
HARUKA: Maybe it’s so he has something to talk about with Gou?

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