Send in Auditions!

We still have a lot of characters to fill! Auditions are open again so please send in one. Spread the word to anyone you think would be interested. So far, the cast has been great and we’re all having a lot of fun talking. Come join the party!

- Emma

new aesthetic idea: eveningtransit/evening transit

alt. names: sunset trip / sunsettrip

it’s p much the aesthetic of riding public transport during the evening (more towards sunset) or night in the city while listening to some nice, calm music and looking out the window to see either a pretty sunset/night sky or a cityscape while you’re nearly or the only one riding the bus/train/etc. you’re sorta sleepy too and you cant wait to rest when you get home.

  • sunsets and pretty evening skies
  • cityscapes
  • public transport vehicle interiors and exteriors
  • seat design patterns like those on charter/shuttle buses 
  • gradient bgs and pics galore w/ sky colors, nothing bright, like darker blues, violets, reds, pinks, etc.
  • calm, soft, dreamy music that makes you sleepy, almost… but not quite
  • audio that plays when a station is reached
  • fashion: think comfy yet stylish items, if that makes any sense? yeah. there’s literally nothing else to it besides that. 

this was my aesthetic for ages but now i just put a name to it omg… i bet this probably exists already though but oh well

According to Nickolodeon, it’s the Worldwide Day of Play. They suspended all programming on all the Nick channels and have put up this graphic with the audio of children playing and the occasional voiceover urging kids to go outside.

My first thought was, “Really? Wow, I wonder how much money they losing for this?”. I quickly changed my tune to Negative Ned and thought, “What about all these kids who live areas that are have some real crappy weather? Or what about all those sick little kids who just want to curl up on the couch and watch some of their favorite shows to help them forget about being sick?”

Bah, I say.

Just thinking about Tom Baker today...

A favorite actor of mine and tied for my favorite Doctor (though all of them are wonderful, I must say).

Recently, Tom did an interview with Nicholas Briggs, who is the voice of Daleks and Cybermen, along with being a writer/director and exec producer of Big Finish (which produces all the official Doctor Who audio plays). The interview "Tom Baker at 80" is lovely and, as the title implies, has Tom look back on his life.



This last bit is not from “Tom Baker at 80” but is from an interview with DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE soon after Matt Smith was officially announced as the 11th Doctor.


anonymous said:

haley there's two audios playing at the same time I'm crying right now how do I shut it off?

The site is not built for all the traffic it is getting! I’m gonna upload it later tonight. Don’t worry!

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So I found this decade-old musical Christmas pin lying around in one of my drawers.

It’s a bit low on battery.

I’m thinking of using this as a musician detector—I’ll wear this in crowded areas, activate it, and see how many people cringe, wince, and/or explode.

(I apologize for all the background noise—people were mucking about upstairs. Also, you may have to turn your volume up to hear it. It’s piercingly loud in person, but the recording came out quiet.)