3/13/15                   Spider of the Day

Salticidae (Jumping Spiders)- Phidippus audax (Bold Jumper) Adult Male 9mm

He was sitting on my porch this morning. :)

The family ,  Phidippus  range North America from Alaska to Costa Rica, the Bahamas, Bermuda, Easter Island, Hawaii, and the Greater Antilles.

Food : Insects, spiders and possibly other small invertebrates and vertebrates as well.
P. regius has been documented eating a tree frog and an Anolis sp. in FL.

Phidippus audax, has a huge variation of color patterns. So it can be a little tricky at times to ID. them.

So I just did a 400k Audax last Saturday (260 miles completed in 23:35).

This year I have too many DNS due to both commitment and the new bike not being ready yet, the Asparagus & Strawberries is the perfect one to start my year with, lots of small rolling hill with almost no flat section, direct train from London, my first foray in riding through the night other than the Dunwich Dynamo.

Awesome if late start, one thing I love about Audax is that there’s no pressure, it doesn’t matter if you finish quickly, you’ll still get the same number of points as everyone, meaning you’re more likely to find someone actually pulling over to check on you if you got a puncture than in a sportive, the people are very much a mixture from the nervous first timer on a tandem to the veteran with their ancient Holdsworth and slightly misaligned cap. 

The lack of proper hill was surprisingly off putting as there was no moment where you can kick back and descend comfortably, or spinning happily on the flat for miles, it’s either a slight ascend, or a descent, but never flat, have already did a write-up on my sordid experience.

Can’t wait for the 200k and 600k in the next couple of months, especially the 600k in particular which happen a couples week before the London-Edinburgh-London audax.

Ok. Let’s try this again.
sir-p-audax rough sketch of design for the Ophelia embroidery. I totally didn’t forget how many eyes she has because I was in class, what are you talking about?
Let me know if you want her in a different position, or with a banner/flowers/other accessories.


Avocado, my mature P. Kastoni (possibly P. Adumbratus), captured in Oxnard, CA. This spider is very good natured and has already had one eggsac while in my care (I am currently raising three of her young). Also shown is a macro of a Hibiscus staminal column.

One interesting thing to note is that the bald spotting on the abdomen can be seen in P. Audax as well, although a bit easier on Avocado with the orange contrast. I caught her in the same yard that I caught my spider Darth Maul (almost certainly a P. Adumbratus), who lacks this patterning. I believe these two spiders may be mimics of the common ladybugs in the area, the colors of which run from yellow-orange to deep red, and some of which have spots and some which do not. Avocado herself is noticeably more towards the yellow end of the spectrum compared with Darth Maul. I posted macros of Darth Maul a while ago which show the difference nicely.

Both of these ladies were gravid when I caught them and I am hoping that when their offspring is fully mature I will know for sure if they are separate species or not - Edwards 2004 notes that while the P. Kastoni females are similar in appearance to P. Adumbratus, the males differ quite a bit.

gasai-guro submitted:

Hello! We just moved to South Texas, and these spiders are everywhere! I’m sorry I couldn’t get a good picture, but his/her eyes and fangs are a bluish green shiny color. If you have the time and know what it is and if it’s venomous or not I’d be super thankful for the information!! Thank you in advance! 
Also, the spider is about the size of a penny, including it’s legs. Thanks again and I love your blog !!♥

What you have here is likely a male Phidippus regius (Regal Jumping Spider) or a Phidippus audax (Bold Jumping Spider), which is the spider my blog is named after. Neither are dangerously venomous, and they are VERY unlikely to bite you. They are docile, very intelligent, and have great eyesight. If it seems like they’re making eye contact with you, they probably are! They’re very curious – jumping spiders are often referred to as the “cats” of the spider world.

Side note – they’re very easy to handle and make excellent pets! I’ve kept P. audax as pets for three years!


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