I have gotten a few comments, which you probably cant see with how i set up my videos, as well as some asks, about the next part of the Factory Scoots dub. Guys, i’m trying. i really am. Ihave school and life too, as well as other things. It’s only me, and I’ve got a lot on my hands to begin with. 

"But you don’t do that much" 

I get super stressed out and hopeless a lot. All this preasure to do the next part ISN’T HELPING. 

For one thing, it’s only me. i am working on getting Audactity so i can do more, but other than that, I’m stuck. I really don’t want to do the voices of different versions of the same carachter. I’mtrying to get this dub done, but i can’t. 

It would help if you all kept patient with me for this instead of force it into the huge pile of things I need to do, like take some goddamn advil and fix my glasses, and force it to the top of said pile. 

Thank you.

bpx2013 said:

and fuck that anon for talking crap...

RIGHT!? the funny part is Im pretty sure I know EXACTLY who it is. And if im right its the pewny looser who got stuck with his crazy ex cause she managed to “accidentally” get pregnant RIGHT…. He works a dead end job and plays video games all day. SO its pretty funny knowing he has the audactity to come at me and stalk my page like an absolute fucking creep. #getalife #pathetic #laughingatyou