A 16th century portrait of a Lady dressed as Cleopatra, inscribed on the back as la Duchesse de Longueville. 

The large pearls she wears in her ears are a reference to the now thought to be mythical incident where she is said to have dissolved a large pearl in a goblet of wine, drinking it after, to win a bet about who could throw a more extravagant party with Antony. A serpent is just visible in the bottom left corner, a nod to her eventual death.



Bunch of new stuff posted! Adoptable and a YCH!

ADOPTABLES!!!! Such variety!

You can find the auctions link below! If you want to place a bid and don’t have an FA, let me know! muttasaur@gmail.com 

YCH NSFW MOVIE NIGHT Auction: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/16717129/
AWD + Kangaroo Auction: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/16716972/
Kawaii cuties Auction: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/16717048/


Gavin Turk’s painted bronze Box (top), sold at auction for £25,000.

Three works by Adam McEwen (bottom) - Jerrycan (Diesel), Jerrycan (Holy Water), and Jerrycan (Gasoline) - sold at auction for £12,500.

Once again I’m probably revealing what a shameful philistine I am, but these two works reminded me of something that happened to me (true story) in my junior year in college.

I had two papers due on the same day: a 5,000-word thesis in my Restoration and Eighteenth Century Drama class (I was an English Lit major) and a 500-word paper on a school of philosophic thought of my choice for a throwaway Philosophy 101 class. The Restoration thesis thoroughly kicked my ass, obviously, and I didn’t have time (or, truthfully, motivation) to write the silly little philosophy paper.

So I printed up a title page titled The Essence of Nihilism and stapled it to three blank sheets of paper and handed it in. I got a ‘C’, which I think I deserved at least as much as these guys deserved thousands of pounds. Just sayin’.

Oh, and I got an ‘A’ on the thesis, natch.


Apollo (AH-pole-O) is officially up for auction!

This cute Akita was such a joy to make. Me and Ginger have wanted to do a closed eye suit for awhile and decided a happy faced Akita would be the perfect amount of practice. I’m thrilled with the result and hope he goes to a good home!

Check out the auction here: http://www.thedealersden.com/auction_details.php?auction_id=118012

Offers are open on this auction, so if you dislike the bidding system, you can just make an offer for me to review!


A few pictures of the start of the installation today for the Love, Shirley Temple exhibit at The Morris Museum in New Jersey. A lot more to unveil this evening and tomorrow so as to be ready for the Wednesday evening “Members Opening” and the Thursday opening for the general public. The best thing of all is that this museum is so perfectly placed within 30 minutes to an hour of the NYC and Philadelphia region. Hoping to see many of you there!

Here is the full traveling exhibit schedule:

Information for the July event taking place at The Little Theatre in Kansas City, MO:

Theriault’s Facebook page dedicated to “Love, Shirley Temple”:


Lovely Monster Adoptables!

Hello everyone! I decided to make a few Monster adoptables for you today! A paper monster, an eye monster, and a hole monster!

Monsters are 20$ a piece! To purchase, email me at monsters@thebluecanary.com! Thanks

As the buyer, things you CAN do:
♥edit character (clothes, gender, personality, etc) so long as it is still recognizable
♥claim character as your own
♥gift the character to someone else

As the buyer, things you CANNOT do:
♥claim design or artwork as your own
♥resell or make a profit off the character
♥edit the original artwork

I’m happy to answer your questions if there is anything you are uncertain about!

Signal boosts and Reblogs would be SOOO LOVELY!!

Decided to lower the price! They’re no longer auctions, simply a flat price!