International HaHD Wrap Up (Auckland, New Zealand)

Hey everyone!

This time around, I vlogged the day! Check it out here:

This month we had 17 volunteers! So awesome!

Group Photo!


From left to right, back to front: 
  1. Jeanne, Telge, Natasha, Kieran, Tim, Ben, Amelia, Emma 
  2. Lily, Kasharn, Ariana, Rose
  3. Eleanor, Olie, Christina

Missing: James, Laura

We did so many things this time around! In total, we packed 8 pallets worth of canned and non-perishable goods, unloaded 2 trucks worth of small household items, repacked the trucks with 2 pallets of drinks, broke down “a shit tonne” of cardboard (that was the approximation from the mission staff) as well as lots of little jobs throughout the day.





It was such a great day with lots of new friendships made and good put out into the world. The Auckland City Mission have expressed their gratitude that we continue to come back, and each time with more volunteers!

Thank you to mydrunkkitchen have-a-hart-day ever4lar and all the other city captains for the help and support, you guys are all fantastic, and I think International Have a Hart Day went amazingly. Can’t wait for next year!

Bonus videos!

Wrap Up

Everyone being cuties

Happy holidays everyone, make sure to let those around you know how much you love and care for them!

Christina xx

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We also missed having bztuumblahh whataboutateakettle catifyy candiceelisejoy prettysortofmarvellous there this time :( See you all next year hopefully!

PS: Special thank you to Emma ( braindeadalbatross ) for being amazing and editing together the videos so wonderfully while I watched. And also keeping me sane