"Have camera, will travel" the man’s card said. And travel he is still. Till life’s end or high water, playing drums all the way and beating a path to rhythmic synchronicity with the universal vibration of spirit. Seen here going below deck, Mick Fleetwood never seen going below expectation and documenting life through the lens, all the way. I love ya Mate. 


John McVie and a gold Dunhill lighter. (Or is that a Dupont, English or French?) Either way a vision of class. Let’s face it, the man looks good with a cigarette in his mouth. “Here’s looken at ya kid”


P.S. Not meant to be an endorsement for smoking. Smoking tobacco sucks, (pun intended) don’t do it!


"Got your girl in New Zealand & she choosin" @champagnepapi with some tongue lol!
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