This is a redesign of my character Aucia and Hikura’s adopted daughter Yuki. Let me know what you think. I’d really like some critiques. I plan on doing Hikura soon.

Below is a brief explanation/background story.

They live in a future where money was poured into cross-species research. The results were used to make super soldiers that could see in the dark, hear better, move faster, ect., while keeping human intelligence. Eventually these soldiers rebelled against their creators for freedom.

Aucia was born many years after these wars. Her genetics are watered down and like many of her kind she suffers from the side-effects as well as the benefits. (Example: She can see well in the dark but nearly blind in the day.) Yuki was luckier and has less defects. Both are descendents of Generation 3 cross-species subjects. Often called “Cat-People” or “Katz” as slang/derogatory.

Later generations are more refined and human like with more benefits and less deformities. The most common kind are called “Elves”. Their only noticeable trait are pointed ears and occasionally digit feet, making them seem tall. Hikura is one of these.

Hikura, Aucia, and Yuki live in a militaristic society where everyone is required to serve. There is less racism between Katz, Elves, and Humans in their society as a result. Aucia is currently a medic. The two red bands designate her class.