Reading "Post Captain"

And discovering obvious stuff about the Aubrey-Maturin series.

First of all, I really liked Maturin of Master and Commander and his infatuation with evil Diane upset me a lot. For obvious reasons. I wouldn’t say that romance spoiled the book as many naval adventurures fans would say but characters became a little bit too hard for me to understand which is very bad when one hopes to read funny full of bromance book about the navy.

Structure and pace is another problem. Forester could be accused in many things but pace of his books and its tensity is unmatched in O’Brians’ ones. And it’s true. Humour is good, subtle jokes are brilliant but Forester still seems to me more appealing, even giving his love for sudden finales. I should have guessed that structure won’t be any good giving that there are 21 very long books in the series. Why hurry when you have 500 pages? It’s partly a good thing too - the series can be enjoyed for a long time which is rare thing as Sherlock’s fans know.

Still, good humour and witty story-telling is good enough for me to keep reading.

And I dare say there must be a charcter in Russian literature called Степан Матюрин. I mean, if there isn’t he must be created. For the sake of reasons.