Aundrea: “Whenever I feel like i’m weak, I feel like you’re there for me or whatever and whenever you’re weak, i’m here to be strong for you…”

Aubrey: “I’ve been with you through everything and I don’t think i’ve ever had anyone in my life that’s been so opposite from me, but so perfect….you really are my best friend…”

This makes me really sad that they’re not really close anymore :(

I need to fangirl for a minute here

Not only is Danity Kane back but Aubrea were standing next to each other and they were holding hands! I think I’m gonna pass out. You guys have no idea the amount of feels have for those two. I shipped them before I even knew what shipping was. When they had their infamous “you’re my best friend” scene I cried, and when they made the cut together I screamed. This might turn into a Danity Kane blog for the night. I apologize in advance.