Spazzkid @ The Parish / 01.20.2015

FFO: Synth, Kawaii K-pop, Emo, & Dance Parties

I thought to myself: Wow, Spazzkid’s name is really on point. I’m sure he’s played those same songs for more time than a few car rides across town. It’s changed my perception of edm, to see an artist not glued to the screen while on stage. To see him get on stage and play it with excitement, that’s my favorite experience from a show. He gave a shout out nearly every song he played. And was in every square foot of the stage before the first half of his set was over. He should be giving lessons to current hype-men on how to acknowledge and vibe with crowds.

It was everything I imagined megaman x f zero in game music to sound like. That is, if megaman and f zero collaborated and released a new game in 2015. I loved it.

Spazzkid -

Written by Andrew Dominguez