‘Megafloods’ Spurred Collapse of Ancient City of Cahokia, New Study Finds

It’s been attributed to war, crop failures, political strife, and even an epic fire.

But new research in the heart of one of North America’s most influential prehistoric cultures suggests that its demise may have been brought about, at least in part, by disastrous “megafloods.”

The new findings come from a team of archaeologists and earth scientists who have been studying the land surrounding the ancient metropolis of Cahokia in what’s now southern Illinois.

At its peak — between around 1050 and 1200 — Cahokia was the continent’s largest and most prominent cultural center north of Mexico, wielding economic power and religious influence from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico. Read more.

I think the funniest thing is that I never actually told you I was in love with you
and yet I still talk about you like an open wound.
I wonder
if you would even see yourself in these poems if you read them.
I wonder if you’d invent another boy who
loved me better or
loved me worse and
attribute all this leftover heartache to him.

I feel so bad for dogs trained with Milan-esque ideology.

When I worked at the shelter, when dogs like that get afraid, they’d often react by trying to run from you or getting aggressive. They don’t trust you to help them, they listen because they’re scared of getting punished.

Bear has only been clicker trained while with me. Now when he’s scared, he runs to me. He knows that I am calm and safe, and that I’ll take care of him. He used to run away from everyone!

Long story short, that ask 6woofs got just made me really sad. That poor dog.

Nursing School Finals Week

Self Care, and Supporting your fellow students during the most intense week of Nursing School.

1. “I’m too embarrassed to tell my friends I’m struggling” Admitting you aren’t doing well is easier said than done, and perhaps easier to do with strangers, rather than friends. Consider the one person you trust implicitly - it may begin with an approachable instructor; write out the things you have found difficulty with, including skills and lecture, and if you feel comfortable with them, ask them to look it over and give their thoughts on what you may be missing. Try the same thing with the one trusted friend; ask them for help with areas you just do not understand. It’s possible your friend will have a very simple way of explaining things that is lost during the speed of lectures/clinicals, or by an Instructor’s big words. A different perspective sometimes helps. It’s ok to admit you’re struggling, admitting a weakness is the attribute of the strong. It’s also just as ok if you want to keep it to yourself. Strength in solitude & personal reflection. 

2. “I have a friend who is struggling/failed the semester. What can I do to support them?” It’s possible they do not want anyone to help. They may prefer to figure things out on their own, without any advice. Sometimes the best thing you can do is acknowledge their struggle, and allow them the space they need to act on it alone - and letting it be known that you will be there to listen if and when they need to talk. Also, there’s the kind of friend everyone needs that pulls you out of despair with a challenge to get up and get on with it. 

3.“I’m a last minute studier. Everyone makes fun of me saying I am not committed”. If you’ve figured out a way to compartmentalize your study, retain information rapidly, or perhaps have a photographic memory - then what does it matter what others think? Celebrate your strength. Damn the naysayers.

4. “I’m in danger of failing this semester unless I score a perfect 80%” That’s a lot of pressure, walking into finals knowing you need to earn a specific score. This sort of stress almost overshadows what you need to do. At this point, it’s likely more about going in with a clear head, preceding every exam with things that will calm you. It’s not for others to decide. Find what relaxes you the most, and brings about calm; it may be perfect stillness, quietude, or it may be loud motivating music. If last minute studying is your thing; Create a quick - tips study sheet, start playing the audio recordings while you do errands, and rewrite all your notes from scratch. Carry flash cards everywhere, read them while you wait for your coffee, read them while you’re doing laundry, read them while you’re walking to the bus stop/train. 

5. “I failed. Now what?” There’s no real words of comfort that would have any meaning. It’s ok to be upset, you have a right to feel frustrated, it’s heartbreaking if you’ve missed out by a single point - and it’s just as heartbreaking if you’ve struggled all semester even though you’ve worked just as hard as anyone. There aren’t any words that can convey how hard it will be to have to explain to your loved ones what happened, when you’re not so sure yourself. Allow yourself the personal time you need to reflect, even if there aren’t any answers. And when you’re ready - when YOU are ready, not when someone else decides; Redefine your goals. Break them down into a daily & weekly plan. Then a monthly one, six months, a year - and finally define clearly what you visualize as your dream. Make yourself a new plan, start over from scratch. Begin again. Allow no one’s opinion of you repeating to interfere with your focus. Eliminate negativity surrounding you, and invite only those who encourage you, and those you can learn and grow with. If you take one thing away from the devastating experience of not passing; let it be that while the rest of the word labels them as “failures” - add your own spin on it to include opportunities to refine learning, discipline and a detour on the way to your dream. It may take longer than you expected, and the road may be rough, begin by believing in yourself and trust you will eventually get there.

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Imagine if Frederick discovered that Bobby and Matthew are actually sons of Hermes? Imagine the satisfaction in Annabeth's face knowing that their mother owns her a huge apology for making her feel like she attracted all those monsters...

Continuation for the B&M headcanon: Bobby and Matthew were playing with one of Annabeth’s daggers that they found in her room (that was hidden) because they knew that it wouldn’t harm mortals, when Matthew accidentally makes a huge cut on his leg…

wait so he’s a mortal? Like they’re twins but one is mortal and one is a demigod? Or they’re both demigods it’s just one doesn’t have any actual demigod attributes? 

I’ve been off adderall for 2 months now (i’ve been taking it for 7 years) and the only thing thats changed is that i bounce my leg CONSTANTLY. So much for everyone thinking adderall was the cause of my sleep issues, jokes on ya’ll, i still cant sleep for shit 80% of the time!!! I’m also pretty sure i’ve gained weight but i think thats more attributed to the fact that i never work out and i’ve been eating like shit. Life is grand. 


5 Easy Steps to Searching for the Original Source on Google. Someone puts hours and hours into an original tutorial/photograph/illustration and sites like Handimania, Duitang, Tumblr (and many others) steal their images without taking a few minutes to give them credit for their work. But this is changing and the big sites on Tumblr may not reblog your post if you don’t have an original source (and Pinterest, weheartit, etc… don’t count). I’ve been asked numerous times on Tumblr and Facebook how to search for images. 

I saw this uncredited piece of fan art on a blog and it took 15 seconds to find the source. The best part? You can download this in a high resolution version for free and I posted it here.

What else can you do with google image search? Find out what photos, facebook pictures or avatars of yours are being used on the internet. It may really really surprise you (and horrify you) where images of you and your work are showing up.

EDIT: If you take someone’s image on Tumblr and the owner of that image thinks you stole it, they can file a Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) violation claim against you, and your entire blog can be deleted like Bohemea here.

EDIT: You may get a lot of Tumblr and Pinterest hits on your search page, but it isn’t hard to scroll through the pages quickly. You can also tell the original source quickly by looking at image sizes. GREAT TIP: type in to get rid of pinterest results!


Edward Hopper’s artist’s ledgers

I reblogged a photoset of images incorrectly labeled as “Edward Hopper’s sketchbook,” but the images actually weren’t sketchbook images at all, but a meticulous business record of paintings that Hopper produced and sent out for sale.

You see, Hopper’s wife recorded each painting he made in little books she got from the five and dime store. She asked him to do a drawing of the painting (which he did beautifully) and then she wrote the details of the painting below it, including the circumstances of the paintings — where they were when he made it, who were the models, etc. (Above, you can see the record for “A Woman In The Sun,” with the final painting below.)

The ledgers aren’t a document of discovery, but a record of production — in a way, the ledgers are a kind of visual logbook of the kind I describe in Steal.

This is another example of why posting images without context and attribution strips them of their meaning — if you see these images in a photoset labeled “Edward Hopper’s sketchbook,” you might think, “Wow, look how perfect his sketches were before he painted,” and you would completely miss the real story, which is way more interesting. (Always, always, always dig deeper when you see images w/o attribution!)