anonymous said:

ur probbably the least attractve and most undesirable person evr. like u shoud go off ur self.

Are you my conscience? Because you sound a lot like my conscience. Except my conscience knows how to spell…

Screw it. I’ve had it all backward from the start. You want some good advice?
Do what you want.
Chase after money.
Dreams are just attractve nightmares that we hope will come true.
Want to be nice? Good hearted? -Forget it.
The world will just keep taking till you are completely used up.
Nothing matters. Not you or I or anyone we care about.
Money is the only God in America, and all my pretty words were sacrilege.

anonymous said:

with your vaccines addiction put aside, who is more attractive Justin or ezra?

hmm… justin with short hair is more attractive than justin with long hair, i will say justin is more attractve than ezra if he has short hair but if he has long hair then ezra is more attractive… so tbh it depends…