you know that thing that happens when you get a compliment? like and you just hide under your covers of bury your face in a pillow cause you have a huge dorky smile on your face and your face is redder than a tomato and you’re also kinda embarrassed casue you’re like “what is happening?” 

this is me rn and its all batsonthebrain and starry-eyed-yet-sleep-deprived and ufo-ss fault 

all my bullies in middle and high school were the thin, conventionally attractive kids so now every time i see a cute conventionally attractve person online or irl im automatically starting to come up with justifications for my existence and i get overcome with so much self loathing lmao

anonymous asked:

what do u find attractve in a girl

Fit body, colored eyes, with a nice smile. That’s perfection right there lol

anonymous asked:

Who from school do you have a crush on❤️💼

well you see, i dont exactly have a crush on anyone. i may think some people are attractive or slightly attractve but a crush ? nah