A lesson on Flash Photography on dark rides

Okay, so I recently reblogged a photo that I was disgusted by here on tumblr and I’ve been thinking about it all day long.
It was a flash photo from inside the Haunted Mansion and it has made me so angry that even a day later it’s been plaguing my mind and I finally decided to sit down and write a post about it. I don’t even know who is going to bother to read it but I just need to get this off my chest.

DON’T TAKE FLASH PHOTOS ON DARK RIDES. DON’T. It’s not only rude to guests around you but also rude to the people who crafted the attraction. And here’s the reasons why:

1. It’s rude to guests around you
People save up their whole lives to go to Disney World. People are so incredibly excited to finally achieve their dream of going to that happy place and experience all the magic that happens there. They’ve been dreaming about these wonderful attractions and characters to meet and possibly spent years dreaming about what it would be like to ride certain things such as the Haunted Mansion or Voyage of the Little Mermaid. Imagine looking forward to something like that for so long and then you finally, FINALLY, get there just to be stuck sitting next to someone who is taking flash photos the entire time. It’s not only distracting but also ruins the magic of being transported to another time/place. How can you focus on Ariel when there’s a blinding light every two seconds? And the “ruining the magic” bit comes into play with my next point in that…

2. It’s insulting to the cast members who designed the ride

Imagineers and other cast members take great pride in their work. They spend a lot of time making sure whatever they envision is set properly and moves properly and is lit properly. What you see when you go on these attractions is exactly set up to be what they want you to see. What you may not think is purposeful, as a matter of fact is. The attention to detail is incredible at Disney World and cast members make sure everything is set to truly take you into their imagination and believe what you are seeing. They set the lighting for how bright or how dark it should be, and by taking a flash photo (even in bright areas of the attraction), you’re completely off-setting how the Imagineers wanted you to view it as. It’s slapping the creators in the face and completely insulting the art of what they’ve done. 

To the people who say, “But I just wanted to remember everything on my trip!”, no. Screw that. Photos are wonderful and amazing but they also have a time and a place. Of course I want you to take photos in front of the castle. Of course you should take photos when you meet characters or perhaps even get a photo with a cast member that you bonded with during a merchandise transaction and such… but attractions are different. You’re meant to experience them. It’s like going to a musical or play and instead of watching it you’re video taping it the whole time. Sure, you’ll have the memory forever of it but you wont be seeing it the way the creators wanted you to. The sound will be different, the lighting will be different, etc. The video wont be the same beauty that it would have been in person.

To the people who say, “But I just wanted to see all the detail that you wouldn’t normally see in the dark!” That may be true, but again, you’re not meant to. The detail is amazing, yes, and it is neat to see what all the hidden things are, but you’re ruining the magic. If you want to see the detail that badly, just ride the attraction over and over again. I promise you’ll pick up things you never saw before. I’ve visited the Haunted Mansion plenty of times in my years of going to Disney World as well as working there and I still pick up things every time I go on. Just enjoy it. Your memories of the actual experience are far more important than some silly photo that doesn’t even show the true environment.