Face porous like lemon stone,
herbal in her engrained stare,
hair placed in patterns
like dreamcatcher strings.
Literature pouts from her rounded
speech-givers, giving the waiter
a lusting for mild conversation
and a peak at the skin
under the earth-tones cloth.
Enough rings for all of the planets,
and hands that one wishes
to pass gently over theirs.
So petite and curveless,
but thought provoking
and provoked by much
the same thing.

anonymous asked:

I take issue with you saying that sexuality is what you feel at that moment. Jenner was saying that they were asexual for now because they weren't dating or having sex currently. That's celibate. Or just being temporarily single. It's not being asexual. Asexuality isn't for a "moment"and it's not a feeling. Jenner misused the term.

Asexuality isn’t a feeling? Then what is it? Saying that is ridiculous and saying that they can’t say that is identity policing. How do you know what they were thinking when they said that? They could be grey asexual, or demisexual and not be feeling sexual attraction at the moment, or some other form of ace-spec individual. News flash: sexual orientation describes how you feel at a given time and not what you might feel in the future and not even necessarily what you have felt in the past. Sexual orientation is fluid, it changes and saying that someone can not feel “asexual at the moment” is akin to saying a genderfluid person can not feel like a man for a while and then change to feeling like a woman or anywhere (in between or not). The thing about celibacy or just being single is that the attraction is still there and what I gathered from their usage of “asexual for now” was that the attraction isn’t there anymore, but might return in the future.


anonymous asked:

Hi. You sometimes say that love and attraction are not the same thing and I'm not sure if I understand. I'm ace and aro-specand trying to figure out how to separate romantic/platonic love/attraction. Could you maybe help me with that? Please tag #177

Attraction is an pull towards someone that may come at first sight, may take time to develop, and may be influenced by multiple factors. Love, on the other hand, is a deep connection and lots of warm, fuzzy thoughts towards someone. Attraction can lead to love, and love can be based on attraction, but not always - not all forms of attraction turn to love, and not all specific instances of attraction lead to love, and love can grow on its own with no attraction involved. 

To put it another way, attraction can be really superficial - seeing a beautiful person walk down the street, hearing about a person’s significant other and feeling like you’d definitely enjoy dating them, stuff like that. Love takes time and is a connection between you and someone else. It requires more information about them and a good environment to grow. 

I think that’s what you were looking for?


A Rant

I don’t understand something:

Why are romantic relationships placed on such a high pedestal? I don’t get it.

My main issue is being taught that all of your other relationships (platonic, familial) must take a back seat once you become “coupled” or whatever, and I don’t know about y’all, but I have a huge problem with that.

I don’t like the idea of throwing my friends and family aside for the sake of a relationship; that just doesn’t sound right or healthy to me. 

Don’t get me wrong; I like the idea of romance. I just don’t like the “rules” that come with it. Societal rules that tell me that I’m low on someone’s priority list because of a romantic and/or sexual partner, and that I, in turn, must throw everyone else aside for the same reason.

Do other people feel this way? Or am I just weird? Because I feel like I’m weird for thinking this. 


I was having a chat with one of my lady-friends the other day about the benefits of rose quarts and I feel that some people have got the wrong idea about it, so immaletchu’finish, but…

Rose Quartz

💗 firstly, there is no guarantee that if you wear rose quarts, some sexual half naked man will fall from the sky and put a ring on it. The energies of rose quartz attract and open you up to what is love: love from friends, love within yourself, and love from outsiders (and by love, I mean respect, appreciation, admiration and the desire to see you happy and well).

💗 It promotes bonding with other people and brings a calm, positive feeling to the connections you share, opening both parties up to endlessly and unconditionally give and receive love.

💗 It carries a feminine energy of peace and tenderness, giving it the title of (for obvious reasons) The Heart Stone. It inspires the wearer to appreciate and see the true beauty in the people and the world around them and encourages them to see past any negative smog into the goodness underneath.

Essentially, Rose Quartz is most beneficial for people who are finding it hard to see the good in their life or in other people. Best worn by those who have experienced negative or disappointing personal relationships (such as those with estranged parents or the survivors of domestic/relationship abuse) or are feeling nihilistic about life and struggling to see the bright side.  An essential for the lonely.

Women are attracted to men with power and money because society limits their own ability to gain power and money. If, tomorrow, gender equality is absolutely perfect on Earth, then a man’s status and wealth will matter much less to women, according to research
- Source : Alice Eagly, professor of Psychology, PhD