Hard Fall || Kozmotis & Jack

They called it “free running” for a reason. As much as parkour got a bad rap, Jack had more fun running around and flipping off of walls than he did walking around, playing competitive sports, or even skateboarding. It was a release. It was freedom. It was movement and agility and skill. He loved it. He’d had his fair share of spills and scars, though he’d yet to break any bones.

But as he slipped on the fire escape railing, it seemed he was about to found out just how much they hurt.

Jack barely caught himself about ten feet from hitting the ground, one hand grasping the railing as he turned, just in time. But an awful crunching in his shoulder made him gasp and drop; the only advantage was the slowed velocity, and he hit the ground a lot softer than he might have if he’d fallen the entire thirty-five feet, despite the clatter of the junk at his feet.

Groaning, Jack lay on his back and clutched painfully at his shoulder, grimacing and rolling onto his good side. He tried pushing himself upright, and he leaned against his knees and sucked in sharply through his teeth against the pain. Shit, what had he done? That wasn’t a break, he knew that.

[Many] took a seat at the bar.


Jack offered a glint of interest in his pale eyes as he eyed those who sat at his bar. What the young adult also offered was certain tilt of his head that took over with his sudden curiosity. At that, a towel in which he had been wiping down the bar with had been tossed over his shoulder with ease, so it simply hung there limp. “So what can I get’cha, today?” 

Well That Escalated Quickly || Anna & Kozmotis

This whole being jobless thing was really tearing Anna down lately. she was having trouble finding a job, trying to spread out the money she did have to cover everything. Her parents were trying to help, but they obviously weren’t going to send their whole fortune. She promised herself tonight she’d just forget about everything and take a break. Of course everyone she knew was busy or they had a class tomorrow so she ended up walking to a bar that wasn’t to far form where she lived, by herself. 

Walking into the bar the smell of alcohol hit her immediately. She wasn’t a really big drinker, so she knew she wouldn’t be staying long, not bothering to take her coat off. Because she was alone, she decided to just sit at the bar, looking over to see and empty seat, beside a man. She took a deep breath, before as casually as she could walking over and sitting beside him. She looked over quickly, he was older, but unrecognizable, for some reason she sighed in relief. Something was urging at her to say hi, she sat there in silence for a moment, working up the courage to say anything at all. Luckily the waitress said something first, asking her what she wanted, “Oh, um, I’m not sure,” looking to what the man next to her was having, “How about what he’s having.” 

Concerned || Sandy & Kozmotis

Sandy leaned in the doorway after giving a gentle knock on the lawyer’s office door. It was a little awkward as he felt something was off, but he gave a whistle to let Koz know it was him before he would enter. All he bothered to sign out was, ‘Hey Koz, how are you feeling?' as he sort of stood there awkwardly in the office.

Not so good at storming out. || Koz & Jack

After a few hours of sitting curled up in a nearby alleyway, Jack found that it was entirely unpleasant to be mistaken for a homeless kid. Were his shoes really ratty enough? Or was it the worn backpack and tears in his eyes? Either way, the occasional coin flicked at his knees was not only humiliating, but useless. It wouldn’t get him back in Kozmotis’ good graces, and it wouldn’t pay cab fare to get back to the dorms. It was getting late, and with that freak on the loose, he wasn’t comfortable with the idea of walking back to UPenn.

Yet another humiliating moment later—staring down the doorman who refused to accept he’d been living with a tenant for over a week—he stood in the elevator, rubbing his eyes in an attempt to clear any tear tracks and hoping he didn’t look a complete mess. Glad he still had an apartment key, he opened the front door without really needing it anyway. He was surprised he hadn’t been locked out.

"Koz?" he called, the television sounds softly from the front hall. "Kozmotis?" he went on carefully, shrugging his bag off and poking his head into the living room. He could smell the booze, and his stomach dropped. He’d never seen Kozmotis drunk. This could either end well or very, very badly.

Concerning Sleep Therapists || Koz & Jack

He’d asked Kozmotis to meet him in the historical district of town, and ended up perched on a high wall while he waited, holding the wheels of his skateboard and lightly kicking his feet. When he spotted him, Jack couldn’t help but smile; he quickly bit it back to neutrality as he waved to signal his presence. As if his hair wasn’t signal enough.








Yes. You’ll look adorable.

No, I’ll look like a fucknugget with an asshole boyfriend.

It’ll match your hair.

That… that made literally no sense. I’m not blonde. Nor have I dyed my hair highlighter yellow.

White goes with anything, same as black.

I refuse to accept that you want to see me in a highlighter yellow bathing suit with that excuse.