Logan loves the Harry Potter Series, and after receiving all the movies on DVD, he wants to have a marathon. He asked everyone— James, Carlos, Camille, Jo, and even Tyler— but no one wanted to watch it with him. He excluded Kendall, The Jennifers, and Jett because they were probably too cool to join him, but when the weekend came to watch it, Kendall was there. On the couch. In pajamas. Ready to watch it with Logan. He was always ready to do anything he wanted. As long as it meant the smaller boy would be there beside him.

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In BTConcert, When the boys packed their bags to move back to Minnesota, their bags had all their old belongings. But Carlos’s had one of James’s purple bandannas to remember him by. Just in case James didn’t come to his senses and they never saw him again.

There were many things Kendall would never be...

But the biggest would be like his father. Kendall hated that man. It wasn’t that he abused or neglected Kendall. No, it was that he wasn’t there to begin with. It wasn’t even surprising that he left, but that didn’t make it any less wrong. He would never walk out on the ones who loved and needed him. Kendall was snapped from his horrid thoughts by Logan stirring in his sleep. Kendall wrapped his arms around the smaller boy and kissed the top of his head. He’d be damned if he hurt Logan like his father hurt him.

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James was perfect. Completely and uttery perfect. He had perfect hair, a perfect body, and a perfect voice. He had it all, except for one thing. Carlos. If he had that, he’d glady go back the pudgy, voice-crackling, stringy-haired teen he was, if it meant he could have Carlos for himself. That’s why he re-invented himself. “Maybe this time, he’ll like me.”


"Do I have to do this?" Kendall asked, hiding in the bushes. Logan fixed the sleeves on his plaid shirt and picked up the ax bass he borrowed from Lucy. "Yeah. You kinda do. You snuck behind my back, so you’re going to get up and do this." Kendall stood up, wearing his pink prince outfit, pink spiked up wig, and purple shoes. "Why do I have to be Prince Gumball, though?” He asked. “You’re too tan. And I have the bite marks to fit Marshall.” Logan said smugly. “But that’s my shirt!” Kendall screeched. Logan grabbed his hand, leaned up, and kissed the blonde. “And you’re so nice to lend it to me. Now, let’s go be the best damn Adventure Time cosplayers ever.”

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Kogan with an AU setting of Artist!Kendall and Model!Logan~

Most of the models Kendall worked with were gorgeous and they knew it; it made them snooty, arrogant, and rude and it made Kendall want to throw his paintbrushes at their head. Logan Mitchell, the student just trying to pay his way through college, was different. He was gorgeous, that was for sure, but he was also witty, charming, and sweet with a smile that had the best pair of dimples Kendall had ever seen perched on each end; he was one thing Kendall could paint all day.

I knew about the swearing in titles/summaries, but they’re seriously gonna delete stories with explicit sex? WHAT’S THE FUCKING POINT OF THE M RATING THEN?

All of my BTR stories are backed up, and I couldn’t care less about my Chipmunks stories, but that’s just plain stupid. I am so freaking sick of this site!

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What's your favorite Lucky Charms marshmallow shape?


My mom doesn’t believe me that not just a few months ago the fucking thing was, “hearts, stars and horseshoes, clovers and blue moons, POTS OF GOLD and rainbows and the red balloons”… she thinks it’s always been HOURGLASSES and that is bullshit because the pots of gold were epic and wonderful.

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HOLY SHIT. I didn’t eve think about that! Save all of miSSmeliSS1324124’s fics, Nightmare Revisited, Games of Love, and Challenges of Love too!

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Technically “M” isn’t “Mature.” M by itself is “Ages 16+. Minor course language and violence” MA is the explicit sex rating, but and Fictionpress don’t allow that option.

As if people 16+ don’t go watch porn anyway. Better read it and learn something than watch it and fap all day lol.