Fire and Ice

TITLE: Fire and Ice


AUTHOR:  Rainefyre



WARNINGS/ AUTHOR NOTES:  No warnings.  Thanks for reading and any and all comments are appreciated!

          “No,” Tony said emphatically.

          “Why not?” 

          “Because I said so.”

          Tara rolled her eyes.  “Yeah, that was convincing.  Then I’ll get my own place.”


          “I’m not a child, I can move out.  Maybe I should, in fact.”

          “Why would you say you should?”

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April 26 2015 - To mark 7 months since the disappearance of the 43 students in Mexico, without their bodies being found, Normalistas and members of the teachers union CETEG attacked the local congress building of Chilpancingo. One of them wrote “We are still missing. 43” on the wall.  [video]


Palmyra one of the oldest cities in the world founded in 2000BC located in Homs Suburbs is now under attack by the hundreds from ISIS terrorists. Until now 36 civilians are dead in a massacre ISIS committed in the villages surrounding Palmyra in an attempt to concur the city and destroy and sell its ancient artifacts that are thousands of years old. The Syrian Army is now engaging in one of most fierce battles defending Syria’s History and trying to free the city and the people trapped in areas that ISIS took over it.

The Syrian directorate of Antiquities and Museums : Palmyra is an archaeological global city and the international community has a responsibility to keep its artifacts in Palmyra where it belongs and defend it against ISIS.

But since the Syrian government has been warning for days now that ISIS is trying to take over Palmyra and the international community as usual did nothing so the The Syrian directorate of Antiquities and Museums just announced an hour ago that: The Syrian Army and the people of Palmyra are defending the historical , Archaeological and humanitarian position of this city with their own lives on the behalf of the silent world!

Palmyra will not fall. ISIS will try to wipe out and sell our history but we will remain!



[ATTACK] Akuryou Taisan.

Series: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Kana: 悪霊退散
Romaji: Akuryou Taisan

User: Rei Hino/Sailor Mars
Item required: Ofuda
First appearance: Episode 10
Last appearance: Episode 170


  • “Akuryou taisan” is Japanese for “evil spirit disperse.”
  • Rei/Sailor Mars sometimes performed a chant beforehand: “Rin (臨), pyou (兵), tou (闘), sha (者), kai (皆), jin (陣), retsu (列), zau (在), zen (前).” This mantra, which can be translated to mean “Soldiers, descend and arrange yourselves before me,” was from the Kuji-in ritual process.
  • Michie Tomizawa mispronounced “jin” as “chin” in episodes 10 and 11.
  • This was the only attack originating in the Dark Kingdom arc that was seen throughout all five seasons of the anime.
  • DiC’s English version called this “Mars Fireball Charge,” indicating that it was one of Sailor Mars’ powers. Yet the dub’s audience was confused when “Raye” started using the technique while untransformed. Additionally, DiC removed the shots of the fiery statue from the sequence.