Front Porch Step Assaulted Last Night in Oakland


Last night we were covering the Pure Noise Tour with State Champs, Handguns, Forever Came Calling, Front Porch Step, Heart To Heart, and Brigades at the Oakland Metro Operahouse. There appeared to be a lot of commotion around the bar and then outside the venue after Front Porch Step’s set, but now it has been confirmed that singer Jake McElfresh was attacked by three men at the bar, but only suffered a black eye before security and friends came to his aid. Check out some tweets from the assailant and Front Porch Step here by clicking “Read More” below.

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Ottawa shooting

The most angering part of this Ottawa shooting situation to me is not that parliament was attacked.
If you have heard the reports, one soldier was shot while on guard duty. Now, they were not a normal guard person assigned to guard Parliament, but had a very special job. They were guarding the tomb of the unknown soldier, which has a guard posted 24 hours a day.
The tomb unknown soldier is used all of the world as a symbol of those soldiers who died in battle that we could not recover or find. It is a solemn testament to the atrocity that war is and those we can never save.
In shooting the guard who stands day and night in protection of that site, the gunman has dishonored not only my country, but also the people who stood to defend me before I was even in existence. They dishonour the countless people that we don’t even have names for.
I’m not scared; I’m angry, and I’m offended.