Econ final over! Anyway, yesterday’s task was graardor so got that done. Hadn’t been here since I learned to do it so for shits and giggles brought the same exact setup as then. Last time I got 11 kills, this time, with the same setup, got 27. Gotta love seeing improvement

Anyway, I’ll be back here after sleep, got assigned it again. Oh yeah, and 96 attack - not even a godsword shard drop so that by far and away the highlight of the trip

If you’re also really really freakin terrified of going back to school and you hate everyone and you feel like you’re constantly being judged and you’ve had anxiety attacks cuz of school and it’s really stressful for you and you don’t know if you’re gonna make it thru the schoolyear and you’re really freakin scared clap yo hands

A man was brutally beaten for the simple act of standing up for women 

A group of catcallers in Philadelphia recently found a new target for their brutality, and it wasn’ women they stopped to harass.

Early last Saturday morning, a 39-year-old man walking through Rittenhouse Square, an affluent part of the city, attempted to intervene after he saw a group of men in a car harassing a group of women. The man came to the victim’s defense, telling the men, “Hey, watch what you’re saying,” Philadelphia Police Captain George Fuchs told NBC Philadelphia.

Violent attack that came next Follow micdotcom


Please pass this on. Reblog it or whatever. This showed up in my FB newsfeed and word needs to be spread. PLEASE. 

A young woman who was cosplaying at SDCC2014 was found bloodied on the side of the road, and police are looking for leads. If anyone saw this young lady or has any information, please contact the SD police number in this link. This is not okay.