atrociouss asked:

what kind of foundation do you recommend for a brown girl with dry skin and yellow/gold undertones? pretty much every drugstore foundation ends up feeling too residue-y and looking unnaturally pinkish on my skin. great blog :) thanks!

Hello hon, thank you!

I definitely recommend looking into L’Oreal foundations, particularly the True Match and True Match Lumi formulas.  They arrange their color selection not only from light to dark, but by different undertones.  You’ll definitely be able to find the right color (I will venture a guess to say that you have warm undertones, so look for the “W" shades).  L’Oreal True Match Lumi is a very good foundation for dry skin and it will give your skin a gorgeous glow.  L’Oreal True Match original is perfect for everyday and is perfect for most skin types (excluding extremely dry and extremely oily)… it looks really natural on the skin.

I also recommend trying out brands that market specifically for brown skin tones, like Iman, Covergirl Queen, and Black Opal.  These cater specifically to the needs of darker skin, and will have different undertones (red, golden, etc) that the big makeup brands tend to neglect!

Hope that helps you, and happy shopping!


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atrociouss asked:

So why were they watching snk? Just curious because if that ever happened at my school, everyone would just excuse it as "weeabo shit" or something like that

i honestly have no idea because i came into the classroom about ten or so minutes into the episode so i wasnt there to see why exactly they started to play it but hey no one seemed to be hating on it and quite a few of them seemed really interested so i was really happy about it :)