"I choose my friends not by their skin or other archetype, but by the pupil.

They need to have questioning shine and unsettled tone.

I’m not interested in the good spirits or the ones with bad habits.

I’ll stick with the ones that made me crazy and blessed.

From them, I don’t want an answer, I want to be reviewed.

I want them to bring me doubts and fears and to tolerate the worst of me.

But that only being crazy.

I want saints, so they don’t doubt differences and ask for forgiveness for injustices.

I choose my friends for their clean face and their soul exposed.

I don’t just want a man or a skirt, I also want his greatest happiness.

A friend that doesn’t laugh together doesn’t know how to cry together.

All my friends are like that, half foolish, half serious.

I don’t want forseen laughter or cries full of pity.

I want serious friends, those that make reality their fountain of knowledge, but that fight to keep fantasy alive.

I don’t want adult or boring friends.

I want half kids and half elderly.

Kids, so they don’t forget the value of the wind blowing on their faces and elderly people so they’re never in a hurry.

I have friends to know who I am.

Then seeing them as clowns and serious, crazy and saints, young and old, I will never forget that ‘normalcy’ is a steril and imbecil illusion.”

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Pay for performance is certainly not a new concept. But a number of digital marketing industry pundits have publically suggested that attribution measurement should drive a new compensation model for publishers and search engines that’s based on the actual contribution they make to each conversion and dollar of revenue, rather than for the credit that would be given using the “last click” method of measurement.

A lot can be said for the wisdom and fairness of such a compensation model given the ability of some attribution platforms to accurately and fairly calculate this credit. But gaining buy-in from all the disparate and competing constituencies affected by it would pose a significant challenge. Perhaps a topic for a future (much longer) column…

However, one area where this same idea makes an awful lot of sense, and is more easily implemented, is in how brands or agencies compensate their own staffs for the success of their efforts.

Attribution done correctly uncovers the true monetary contribution of each channel, campaign and tactic in your organization’s overall marketing success.

As a result, you may be forced to reassess how you compensate the people within your organization or risk failing to capitalize on the efficiency and effectiveness you could be extracting from your marketing spend and from the efforts of your marketing  teams.

Option #1 – Give Compensation Where It Is Due

As a simplistic example, let’s say your digital marketing organization is made up of three separate teams responsible for managing search marketing, display and email.

The performance of each team is measured by the conversions, revenue or ROAS their respective efforts produce – based on the traditional method of attributing 100% of credit for each conversion to the “last act” (often a click) that occurred prior to the conversion.  And the compensation and incentives of each team are tied to certain standards that are calculated by this same method.

But once attribution management is performed, and monetary credit for the conversion is spread across multiple touchpoints and channels, there will be certain channels/teams whose efforts have been undervalued by the traditional way of measuring their performance (such as display) and those whose efforts have been over-valued (such as search). At that point, your organization will have a decision to make.

Do you simply maintain the same standards for compensation, with one or more teams taking a hit in their compensation, and one or more teams getting an unexpected boost or use the output of attribution to create an environment that is more transparent and synergistic based?

As you can imagine, not only may the aforementioned employee revolt occur, but your teams will have no motivation or desire to work together towards the organization’s overall marketing success.

Option #2 – Create Shared Success Goals

In the example above, perhaps a less disruptive and more constructive plan might be to establish a shared set of performance metrics and compensation incentives that all three teams can work towards.

Establishing combined revenue, overall CPA, or total ROAS across all three channels – using your attribution metrics as the basis for this measurement – will motivate all three teams to pull from the same end of the rope. Channel-specific success will cease to be important or rewarded – only overall organizational success.

So when inter-channel affinities are identified by the attribution process – such as online display creative that drives searches on certain high-converting keywords, or the sequencing of certain creatives or channels that produces the highest return, or the maximum frequency of certain tactics before they cease to be effective, or the channels and creatives that serve as the most effective introducers/influencers/closers are discovered – everyone in your marketing organization has incentive to take advantage of those findings.

Optimization of the overall marketing performance will be the one and only objective and channel turf-wars will be a thing of the past. Mind you, in organizations that have multiple product lines and/or Business Units it could be extremely important for the CMO to understand how this complex engine is actually working. For example, is Business Unit 2 actually driving conversions for Business Unit 1?

Search marketing and search marketers have long served as change agents within larger marketing discipline.

Here’s an opportunity for them to lead the way in establishing a truly fair, truly team-oriented approach to organizational success, using attribution management as their enabler and their authoritative scorecard.


L U T H I A is a Buenos Aires based firm. It sells handmade, detailed and artisanal backpacks and totes. Through a simple yet elegant design we tried to communicate the brand atributes of simplicity, happiness and quality. We achieved this through a minimal and tactile aesthetic; white & grey palette, porous & pure white paper and embossing. It is a minimalistic and aesthetically pleasing brand.

by Empatía


(The Panasdalam Bank 2009)

Indahnya upacara bendera,

Berdiri baris dengan rapi

Sepatu hitam, topi, juga dasi, 

Lengkap atribut lokasi sekolah

Nama di dada kanan, osis kiri.

Aku rindu Upacara bendera

—-untuk kawan-kawanku yang jatuh pingsan pada saat melaksanakan tugas upacara bendera. Aku tak sempat bikin puisi untukmu

Indahnya upacara bendera

Dipimpin Komandan Lapangan

Dilindungi oleh Pembina Siswa

Pembacaan ulang teks Proklamasi,

Pembukaan UUD 45

Aku rindu upacara bendera

Upacara bendera, menghormati bendera

sehelai kain merah dan putih

Upacara bendera, menghormati bendera

sehelai kain merah dan putih

dipuja bagai dewa

— ketika mereka melaksanakan upacara bendera, aku sembunyi di dalam kelas. maaf

And I thought Arcane newbies were bad...

Dear admins; why the fcuk isn’t this scumbag frozen?

He harassed and called bad names in several ocassions in one thread. He did it by bypassing the censor and knowing he was doing that, yet he’s here once again to play his “I’m good card” on our flight forums once again.

And now he’s trying to justify his jerk-ness by saying that’s an atribute of our flight and that anyone bothered by it should go to other flight?

LOL, hope you get this thread a mess as everything you have touched to see your ass finally frozen douchebag.

Isfahan/ Hasht Behesht Palace by HORIZON on Flickr.

Hasht Behesht (8 paradise) palace was built in the middle of Bagh-e Bolbol (Nightingale Garden) and inside the imperial residential complex of Safavid dynasty in the 17th AD. century during the reign of King Soleiman of Safavid. According to the reports of tourists who had visited Isfahan in those ages, the Palace had been built to be used for residence purposes of the princess of the King’s Harem.
Hasht Behesht conveys the meaning of entrance gate of Paradise and this name was chosen to atribute the elegance of this Palace to supernatural and supersecular aspects.
This building had been built in two storeys, all surfaces of porches, Verandas, Central hall, rooms and corridors being decorated with various methods and miscellaneous styles.

Dari Pernikahan Ajiz & Neti

Kami belajar sangat banyak dari pernikahan Neti dan Ajiz.

Yang di tengah kesibukan menjadi pengantin dalam pernikahan mereka, mereka memperhatikan kami, teman-temannya, dengan sangat baik, telaten, dan pengertian.

Mulai dari harus turun dimana, penginapan, jemputan, hingga masalah paling remeh seperti kami akan makan apa.

Setelah resepsi pertama usai minggu lalu, bahkan ketika kami masih ribut di tempat kami menginap (di rumah saudara Neti yang sangat besar dan bersiiih), keduanya sudah ikut pula ke tempat itu, mengingatkan kalau jemputan bis yang akan mengantar kami ke stasiun sudah datang.

Bayangkan, mereka secepat kilat melepas seluruh riasan dan atribut resepsi lalu langsung bergerak menuju kami.

Kami sungguh banyak belajar. Ketika berteman dekat dengan orang yang rumahnya sangat jauh. Ada yang dari Sumatera Utara, Papua, Padang, Palembang, Jawa, Kalimantan, dan Neti+Ajiz memahami semuanya.

Sebuah kerendahhatian yang harus kami pegang erat-erat kelak ketika satu per satu dari kami mulai menikah pula.

Sebuah kesederhanaan perilaku yang diperlihatkan keduanya di dalam sebuah acara bernama pernikahan. Acara yang di dalamnya ada sebuah perjanjian besar, yang gaung ijab+qabulnya sampai ke Arasy.

Barakallah.. Tu.. Jiz..

Ah kalian baik sekali.. Kerepotan kesana kemari karena kami..

Semoga Allah limpahkan keberkahan pada pernikahan kalian..
Menjadi suami istri tidak hanya di dunia.. Tapi juga di surga-Nya kelak..
Semoga Allah anugerahkan anak-anak yang sholih dan sholihah..
Anak-anak yanh qurrota a’yuun.. yang menjadi penyejuk hati bagi kalian berdua…

Terima kasih..
Kalia memberikan cendera mata terbaik untuk kami bawa pulang..
Sebuah kesederhanaan perhatian yang sungguh melekat pada hati kami semua..

Selamat ya..
Semoga ketika bersama, kalian saling merasa surga dekat rasanya.

aamiin.. Ya Robbal’alamiin….