So injections...

I can tell you that I was extremely nervous. I had no appetite to eat breakfast and I couldn’t focus on anything from our oral surgery lecture this morning. I basically have the handbook of local anesthesia memorized. I can tell you the landmarks, needle size, average depth of penetration, recommended amount to administer, etc for all the injections. Still, I was super nervous because I have never injected someone before. It went fine. I hit all my blocks. My partner (who had never had an intraoral injection before) said they didn’t hurt, minus some discomfort with the greater palatine injection. There was no hematoma or trismus. Very atraumatic. I’m probably going to be just as nervous for the next 20 injections but I’m glad to have done it once before. I have an expectation. I’ve done it. We both did it. WHEW! Huge sigh of relief.

Stroke 101: The Bare Basics

Vague Simple Definition: neurological deficit related to an atraumatic vascular event

Cardinal Features of Stroke;

- Focal

- negative phenomenon (i.e. loss of function resulting from stroke)

- pathology related to arterial anatomy (usually)

- sudden onsent

* Loss of consciousness is not a cardinal feature of stroke*