“Observing Ozzie in his natural environment brings a strangely inspired calm. We arrived at his Northern Beaches hideout after a few moons full of booze. Drunk, disheveled and in despair. Fun shreds and the magnetic company of Ozzie, Mylee and Rocky, seem to sooth our souls and mend our hearts. Corrupted humans sheltered by Ozzie’s ‘Anti Bad Vibes Shield’.”

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Byron Bay has become the pop-up home of the Nuevo trendy, an aquatic Mecca for the hip. Rastovich has been embedded in these parts for the majority of his alternate life. Would it be fair to assume his holistic vibe and truly spiritual presence is a source of inspiration for this movement? Home grown, hand built and self-sufficient, spend some time with this soul and you’ll quickly realize Rasta is as honest and humble as humanly possible.

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anonymous asked:

☾ ♧ ✌ ☮ ☆ ☯☪ ❀ ♡

☾ : favourite word from your language

nie mam jednego, gwiazda, słońce, uśmiech itp.

♧ : favourite word from the english language translated in your language

summer - lato

✌ : favourite proverb/saying from your language

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☮ : translate the first lines of your favourite song in your language

Ponieważ jesteś niebem, Ponieważ jesteś niebem pełnym gwiazd, Zamierzam dać ci moje serce, Ponieważ jesteś niebem, Ponieważ jesteś niebem pełnym gwiazd, Ponieważ oświecasz ścieżkę.

☆ : give the first lines of a song which is originally in your language

Dziś nad światem zmienił ktoś
Nieba błękit w chmur atrament
Jakby pragnął deszczem swą opowieść snuć
Pierwsza kropla na mą dłoń
Ludzie kryją się w zaułkach
Gubiąc gdzieś po drodze sens deszczowych słów 

☯ : what do you love about your language?

I love this language just the way it is.

☪ : what do you hate about your language?

Some parts of grammar. There are situations where I don’t know if I use the properly variety of a verb.

❀ : which language(s) would you like to speak fluently?

♡ : which languages do you speak/have you learned in school?

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Znowu tam stoję, a przede mną postacie
Imiona, sprawy, miejsca wyryte na cyrografie
Krwawy atrament, jeden podpis zostawisz
To ulica zniknie stąd, ty razem z nią.