Word of the Day – “Atrabilious”

Atrabilious                                                                                                                   Definition: 1. melancholic; gloomy. 2. ill tempered, irritable; inatured; peevish.                       “The air was rank with an atrabilious odor…Sam wondered how she managed to surround herself in such misery.”

[ Emil ]

–He had been a rare visitor ever since Luin had been destroyed for the first time; ever since Anna had passed away. There had been no reason for him to go back after her death, to the city that had brought forth such a mesmerizing woman. –Detractors would have called him a coward, and that’s probably exactly what he was. He knew it.

Now, however; with the ‘world regeneration’ and the unification of the two worlds completed… and Luin’s reconstruction– he couldn’t help but wanting to see this city one more time before he would take his so needed leave.

–But looking up at the statue of his son brought up atrabilious thoughts and feelings. He had helped rebuilding Luin; the birthplace of his mother, and to think that her own son would have rebuilded the city would surely have filled her with pride and joy, Kratos was sure.

A faint smile decorated his lips, as he stood there, absentmindedly surveying said statue. If people were looking, it wouldn’t matter. Nobody would know him, anyway. –And it was for the better.