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Atop the Fourth Wall: AT4W: The Thing from Another World: Questionable Research





Also, the lizard.

And stuff explained.

I think this is my favorite episode of The Thing comics. I can’t really explain why. Maybe, it because I the comic itself was waaaay better than the others


Uh oh girls I have bad news

Apparently we aren’t”Allowed” to like linkara cause were just sad little quims seeking the attention and approval daddy never gave us from linkara. Allow me to elaborate.

I was seated in a cafe watching atop the fourth wall (an amazing comic review show for those of my followers who don’t know) with a close friend on her laptop. We were grinning like idiots until a gentleman came up to us and TURNED OFF OUR COMPUTER. Saying, and I quote, that “I am so tired of posers like you trying to get the attention daddy never gave you by pretending to enjoy comics. Ill let you watch him again when you have a basic knowledge of comics. ” my friend gawked at him while I glared at him from our seat

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Anonymous asked: Hi! Can I request the Critic cameo from the AT4W video, “March of the Titans: The Titans #26-50”? (he appears on the “previously on” segment at the start of the video)

I’m so sorry this one took so long, this was one of the older requests I wasn’t able to do before. I never forgot about it though, I hope this is okay.<3 [x]