Part one of the Hawke Breastplate is finished!

Part two just needs four straps (two on each side) and then that will be done, too.

I lament the chest strap is put on the wrong way (the loose bit should be going toward the back, not the front oops) and also the shoulder straps are not quite the same length

But not terribly shabby for a first leather armor try?

First time I’ve done rivets and they were FUN. So much easier than grommets, you have no idea.

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ahaha, you and me both. but what was the pattern meant to look like?

One of a growing set of secret Arthurian/Celtic patterns! :P

(no, but I will post the picture that inspired me along with the finished pattern—which hopefully won’t take me terribly long to finish.)

What projects are puffing up smoke (or blowing up) in your face? Or can I guess at that, heh?

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augh….oh gosh, I HATE doing that. ******tea/sympathy******

The tearing back is really my fault for not doing a trial of the motif after teaching myself this new cabling technique? And it wasn’t because I did anything wrong, per say (though the design did need tweaking), but that the cabling technique for closed cables adds 5 extra stitches you want to start a new cable and I hadn’t accounted for the extra TEN when I initially made the design (because I didn’t know about it then!)

In all honesty, it’s actually a really neat design technique, and one that makes all my wildest Celtic knotwork and spiral design ideas suddenly very possible, and I really wish I could remember who gave me this cabling book so I could thank them profusely? (it was probably my mother, in which case I rescind my statement, but that’s a whole ‘nother bucket of worms.)

yarncraft dilemma behind the cut for those who will have no clue what I’m blathering about

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YESSSS. is this the first you’re attempting to knit (sew? stitch? crochet? jury rig? idk)? and I was referring more to the tendency to fly by the seat of one’s pants, but, yes, I think you can guess which of my projects might be smoking rn. xD

Oh, not at all! I’ve been knitting for years, but this is a new technique I’m using and did not account for a couple new things. This is technically also the second design in this theme, but I also need to finish/tweak the first one, as well.

/sensing a theme here yet?