I have a crazy idea!

So guys i was thinking about the spin off news. You know the “Arrow/Flash Superhero Team-Up Spinoff In Works At CW; Brandon Routh, Victor Garber, Wentworth Miller, Caity Lotz Star” one.

Ray’s like the male version of Felicity… and Sara’s like the woman version of Oliver…. They’ll be like Olicity. The ship name will be SAY. 

It’s saturday and i’m working. I have a right to dream and share crazy ideas!

I just realized that this entire Raylicity thing will last for just a few episodes more ( till the season finale am guessing) since Ray Palmer  will go away to the Arrow/Flash spinoff next season and Felicity is all Arrow and forever will be. Now I am thrice as excited as I was before. A new superhero spinoff, Caity Lotz’s comeback and Raylicity out of the picture. Yaaas!!
—  allthatgravity

"Stones may be broken into even smaller stones but they cannot be broken into no stones. They may be broken into gravel and gravel into dust, and the dust separated into crystals that are too small to be seen except through lensed microscopes, or further broken apart into atoms which can only be seen through electromagnetic field microscopes, - but they cannot be broken into nothingnesses - only into somethings, and somethings are always systems."

Copyright © 1997 Estate of R. Buckminster Fuller

Robert W. Gray, Summer, 1997