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Felt so right, forgot we was wrong
Sittin at a stop light, singin along
When I look in my rearview now, what would I see
If I didn’t have the music in my history, now give it to me


James Turrell elaborates on his skylight spaces and talks about how aging has affected his work, video © designboom

A show we are keen to see this summer: 

via designboom

James Turrell at the Guggenheim Museum (June 21-September 25th, 2013)

conceived for the guggenheim museum, new york, james turrell’s ‘aten reign’ (2013) recasts the rotunda of the frank lloyd wright-designed building into an enormous illuminated void of shifting artificial and natural luminescence. in this, his first solo exhibition in new york since 1980, the artist continues his in depth exploration of the perception of light, color and space, re-imagining the central volume of the cultural institution as an immersive light-filled space, with strong references to his ongoing ‘roden crater project’ (1979- ). opening on the summer solstice, turrell dramatically transforms the museum, offering a dynamic perceptual experience through the modulation of color emitted through the round chamber.