i know its not fully correct, can’t say we didnt try QwQ

here’s a side by side atempt at a certain secne from the persona 5 trailer myself and Zealous photography and i tryed to recreate!

im really proud of the atempt but when i get Anzu’s real wig in we will reshoot this <3

made by gigiMARZ- ME!!!!

Hey guys!

I’ve entered Atlus-O-Weenie again this year with this shot of my Souji/Yu/Protagonist cosplay. Voting’s just begun today, so if you wouldn’t mind tossing me a vote, my entry can be found here! There’s a lot of really incredible entries this year and you can vote for more than one person, so please take a look at everyone else who entered, too! (Psst, Pulse entered Sho, for example.)

Thanks you guys!! ;A; I’m not really expecting to win popular vote, but the support is appreciated.

EDIT: Also, if you would like to not go through Facebook, here’s a direct link to the contest page. You’ll have to scroll through manually to find us, but it’s easier to vote for multiple entries that way. (Thanks, Kelly.)


OhHeyItsKatsucon 2015

A number of my favorite hall shots from Katsucon this year. Always a pleasure taking pics here, granted it gets pretty packed year after year! Anyways, here are some of the shots taken Thursday-Sunday. Full res pics are available on Cospix and Flickr.

Catherine | rainbow-rex

Ryuko & Mako | technoranma & braig

Police!Jean | sporadicprince

Peach | vicious-cosplay

Bayonetta & Madama Butterfly | npc-cosplay


Sakizou Nereid | Awesome Possum Cosplay

Alessa and Pyramid Head | misterperkins & tesazombie

Major Armstrong & Riza Hawkeye | thelaravee & meemee5290

C. Viper: lordlicosplay

If you see yourself or people you know, feel free to tag & reblog & whatnot!

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sakahagi was one of those characters I’ve loved for a long time and never thought it was possible to cosplay, because when would I be crazy enough to shave my head? then one day I was and it was the first thing on my list to do and I did it and couldn’t have been happier. this costume was made in a little less than a month and the faces were very tedious, but the most annoying was probably hand painting the stripes onto the fabric and patterning the hood into a billion tiny pieces to match the manikin’s weird robes.

there was also that fun moment where a home depot employee walked in on me tying rope around myself and I had to try and explain that it was for a costume and the loop around my neck was just because I needed to tie the mask. yeppppp.