So, my thoughts on your Weezer cover. Overall, I thought it was pretty good. You definitely seemed like you had a lot of fun with it. You asked for critiques, so I’ll point out a few thoughts I had. I’m no expert, so take this all with a grain of salt. The first bit of the song (and several parts throughout) seemed a bit nasally. It makes me wonder a little if you’d be better off singing in a lower range. Also, were you standing or sitting while singing the vocals? I know for some people it can make a real difference, and general consensus seems to be that standing is superior. The second time you did the chorus I thought was much improved over the first. I also especially liked the part of the song at 1:50, I think you nailed it. So yeah, those were my impressions, and like I said at the start, it was enjoyable and I definitely think you should stick with it. Keep it up man :)

Oh gosh thank you man!

I thought about doing the cover in a lower key (something my brother suggested after he heard it too), but I kinda wanted it to be a little bit closer to the original, so I guess a few sacrifices were made (one of them was changing the “but that’s just a stupid dream” part). I do sound pretty nasally, and that’s something I’m looking to improve. Vocals were recorded while I was standing (minus some of the background vocals which were added a day or two after I was done recording the lead vocals).

I’m glad that you liked the bridge though. That was honestly my favorite part to record. I intentionally made it sound like some sort of yelling singing (and a little raspy too if you notice carefully) to make it a bit more emotional sounding. I was going to make it a little slower and as a talking part like some other covers out there, but I decided not to.

I have to be honest though, the chorus track (you may not realize it until I mention it or if you listen to it carefully) has been a copy/paste for the first 3 parts, mainly because I wasn’t able to nail it as good as I did for the track (multiple takes can be exhausting, especially because of the higher key and the other bits). The only time that you’ll hear a different sounding chorus is right at the end. This is something I’m not going to repeat in the next cover.

But seriously. I appreciate your thoughts and critique. It’s something I I really need more of in order to know what I need to improve so that I can pull off another great cover in the future, and to basically abolish every bit of insecurity I had regarding my voice.

Thanks again c: