Raheem The Dream - “Freak No More” (Tight 2 Def, 1998)

I haven’t seen anyone on the internet mention this yet - possibly because internet users aren’t much interested in knowledge or knowing things no more - but Migos’ rising hit “Freak No More” is a very loose remake of A-Town pioneer Raheem The Dream’s mid-career Sexual Harrassment flip by the same title. Lyor better make that check payable to The Eliminator.


Yung Fresh - “Last Don” (Mixtape, 2012)

Another queazy type Zaytoven production for a yung rapper.

Florida Water
  • Florida Water
  • Black Portland
  • Young Thug & Bloody Jay - Black Portland

Off the Black Portland mixtape released a couple days ago, this song I’ve been playing on repeat for the last 12 hours - the hook is so addicting it’s crazy. Even if you passed on the mixtape, give this a listen. I would be a Bloody Jay fan if he could concise his warble so well on every song like this one.

‘Mumbling Thugger’ will be a “verbing-noun”-style indie rock band moniker in 2060 you heard it here first


Kilo Ali Interview @ Creative Loafing

I’m not regretful of anything I’ve done in my life. [Except once when] I bought an airplane from Toys R Us, and I flew it in a park that was too little and it got stuck in a tree as soon as I got it in the air. I would change that, I would go to a real park. [laughs]

  • Foreal
  • Peewee Longway Feat. Quavo
  • Business Is Business (Young Nigga Empire)

Peewee Longway - “Foreal feat. Quavo”

Very cool to see all of the young Atlantians growing outwards in to more distinctive styles (Quan, Quavo and Peewee namely - obviously Future too, the rest are doing their best to grow outwards from his initial influence). Peewee started off as a brash rapper but is maturing quickly and we can see him weave through emotions and different moods in his rapping within one verse, see also his version of “Honest“ on Lobby Runners. And I can eat off Quavo verses like this for a long time; Migos sound altogether might be running thin but he can still pull off something sweet when he’s sharing the track with someone like Peewee or Thug.

Peewee’s next tape The Blue M&M drops May 20th.

Another single from my recent commissioned session with RETRO THA KID in Atlanta, GA.

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Notes on Nayvadius

Substitute Everything” –> “Codeine Crazy

T-Shirt” –> “2Pac

Just some observations.

I love this tape, my favorite rapper of the last ~3 years dropped a themed-tape for my favorite holiday and it’s a very solid effort - and though it’s very clearly a mish-mash of old tracks from the Honest sessions (he initially said this tape was going to be his “Honest B-sides” under the name “Evol”, but switched up his plan with the release of the title track and re-aligned it for some campy holiday-coordinated fun), it shines like any of his previous classics. This playful, sorta-flippant, very confident move is actually pretty refreshing in the wake of Thug and Quan's duo-tape under the guise of The Bird Man, which, diverse and enjoyable as it was, at times felt a little saturated on the lush-luxury imagery. Blame it on London’s beautiful key patterns - he uses this part of his palette very well throughout the project however it feels at times like he leans too much on those dramatic keystrokes (where are those steely drums from “Chickens”??? I loved those drums). I was surprised not to see “Break the Rules”, a song released a few weeks ago to build some hype, on the final tracklist - in classic Future fashion, he smashes the second verse on that track. Definitely throwaway material at the end of the day…but I just wanted to point out Fewtch has throwaway material that sounds beyond the strongest efforts of some of his current sons in the game…