I think I forgot to tell you guys that I had a free hugs sign at Atlanta Pride Festival this year…. My friend and I traded the sign off for the ten hours we were there, and we lost count at about 300 hugs between the two of us after only being there for two hours.

We estimate that we had upwards of 1000 hugs by the end of the night.


We win, yeah?


Bayard Rustin was a social activist for many issues such as civil rights, gay rights, and non-violence among other things. Rustin was MLK’s right-hand man and strategized many significant events for the civil rights movement. In fact, without Rustin there would have been NO  March on Washington. 

Why is He being featured and honored on FuckYeahLGBTGQBlackPeople? Because Rustin was gay. While serving as an advisor for MLK, He was practically forced into the closet, because of homophobia within the Civil Rights movement and fear that him being gay would stain the Civil Rights movement. Rustin’s name was erased from many of his accomplishments and contributions by fellow activist and colleagues. 

Rustin has not been erased from history and we will pay homage to him for all that he did.

To learn more about Bayard Rustin, please watch “Brother Outsider” which is currently showing on Netflix


:: Meet This BOI ::

The Atlanta Queer scene has many faces. In this edition of the “Meet This BOI” we’d like to take this opportunity to highlight one of the Atlanta’s music segment favorites.  DJ E is not only a popular disc jockey, she has her hands in a variety of things, from acting to promotions and event planning.  Since September 2005, DJ E has been giving the city and its party-goers what they crave, blending a range of genre of music to satisfy crowds from Miami to Philly and so many cities in between.  

We typically run into her when she’s working, behind the turntables. It’s evident that DJ E takes considerable efforts to show up in style.  While comfort is of course a factor in her line of business, she brings a sophistication to it that makes for a well-rounded package.  Her wildly popular mixtape series, E90X have garnered her fans from across the world.

At the age of 16, Erica Jones found her mother’s vinyl records and became completely intrigued by each genre she encountered.  This was the beginning of her lifelong love of all things sound and music.  She then became the mixtape master of her friends in high school and then onto college.  After leaving college, she spent several years as a mobile dj and radio personality on the community radio station, WRFG 89.3FM here in Atlanta.  Erica continued to pursue her love of music, radio and technical sound work as an opertaions manager and production director with Salem Medial Group of Georgia (WFSH 104.7FM, WNIV 970AM, WGKA 1190A). In late 2001, Erica made a transition from radio to live sound engineer. And in September of 2005, working with a host of premier promoters in Atlanta, Erica Jones became DJ “E” and she hasn’t looked back since. Since the fall of 2005, DJ E has become a staple on the Atlanta party/music scene. In addition to her Atlanta gigs, DJ E has also gone on the road from Philadelphia to Miami and in between.  

DJ E was honored with Atlanta Pride’s Best Female DJ of the Year Award in 2008.  In 2011, DJ E dropped her extremely popular mixtape series, E90X.  A high energy, 30 minute workout series that is sure to make you sweat!  

Currently DJ E has added party promotion, event planning and acting (with the hit web-series “Between Women”) to her many achievements. 

We asked DJ E to give let us in on a few things to know about her and this is what she said: 

  1.  I’m a technical nerd!! My favorite books are technical sound books
  2.  I DESPISE when animals and children are mistreated!!! They are the most innocent creatures on the planet!!! I’ve hit a deer and 2 squirrels while driving, I cried like it was the end of the world…..my heart was broken!!
  3. The hardest thing I’ve ever done is “come out” to my son…… I thank God everyday that he loves me no matter what!
  4. I am a die-hard New York Knicks fan!!!!!!
  5. I am a true CANCER/LEO. I’m loyal, sensitive, peaceful and love being the center of attention!!

Social Media info:



Instagram: EakaDjE