I traveled to Ferguson to do some photo-documentary there concerning the Mike Brown incident. I found groups of activists had traveled from far and wide in support and were even being housed by churches and local supporters while they stayed to help. This conflict really bridged communities of every culture and race nation-wide. 

This set is titled “Sunday in Ferguson”


From Los Angeles and Seattle to New York and Atlanta, massive protests have formed, blocking city streets as people across the country voice their outrage that Darren Wilson will not be charged in the shooting death of Michael Brown. The Downtown Connector (I-78 and I-85) in Atlanta, Georgia has been shut down after being blocked by protestors. People have also gathered outside the CNN center. In New York, hundreds of protestors have gathered for the second night in Times Square, but police began arresting people who were blocking the streets so the crowd has begun moving down 7th Avenue. Dozens of protestors have also been marching in South Los Angeles. Many cities are warning drivers to expect major congestion as protests pop up around the nation. As for Ferguson, all seems to be calm at this hour as National Guard is on site to handle any disturbances. Many sections of the town are blocked off by police as they continue to investigate last night’s arsons, looting, and gunshots.

not much to say tonight that hasn’t been said.

if you’re in/near atlanta and want to show up for solidarity, come to underground tomorrow (tuesday) from 5pm-9pm for a community speak out. text @shutitdownatl to 23559 for information, or text me personally at 770-912-0205 if you don’t want to go alone. we can meet up~ doesn’t matter if we don’t know each other, at a protest we’re all friends.

really really hope to see you there, atlanta.


Young, Black Street Photographer on the Rise:

I’m so honored to be featured in the Digital Diaspora project after I was able to present my work at the BronzeLens Film Festival of Atlanta and the Atlanta Celebrates Photography Festival this past week. 

It was my first time ever presenting my work and in front of a crowd of the Atlanta Photo Community and I was thrilled that they loved it. I didn’t expect an interview so you’ll see me be a little nervous. I just was overwhelmed at the great reception they gave. 

A prime example of how street photography doesn’t necessarily need to occur in a “dense urban city and building” environment. Marietta is a suburb of Atlanta and far less “city-like” than the main metro area. While some traditionalists may disagree, I still call this street photography- just a suburban edition. What is street photography without the innate sense of rebellion?

Candid In Atlanta Street Photography