Avatar: The Last Airbender 30-Day Challenge: Day 3

Day 3: Favorite Character


It was hard to pick between Iroh and Sokka, since Sokka’s sarcasm and meat-loving appeals to my sarcasm and vegetarianism (don’t ask why. I love meat even though I don’t eat it, so it’s like I’m pining for it. Damn morals). In the end, though, Iroh is my favorite character.

Let’s just talk about how kind and forgiving and wise he is. Zuko is his nephew, and he does everything in his power throughout the entire series to help him. Zuko is rude to him, spurns his efforts, lies to him, calls him nasty things, and Iroh is still there. He’s still there for Zuko in the end. And the middle. And beginning. And all of it. When Zuko had no father or mother or sister who would support him, Iroh proved to be the only family he needed.

Plus, Iroh has an amazing sense of humor, and his failed jokes are often funnier than a lot of the other ones made. Plus he loves good tea, something that I can 100% relate with.

Iroh is fair to all civilizations, even though, as the Fire Lord’s brother, he obviously should support the Fire Nation’s conquest of all four elemental lands. Instead, he is a part of the White Lotus people, vowing to bring equality and peace to the lands. He is always wise and open to meeting new people, and is never judgemental.

Even in all of his kindness and forgiving, he knows when someone needs to be taken down, as shown in when he advises Zuko that “Azula is crazy and she must be taken down.” This is a big difference between him and Aang - both peaceful people, except Iroh knows that there is a time when a person in the world does more bad than they ever could good.

I just adore Iroh. Period.

30 day ATLA challenge, day three

Favourite character: I’m pretty torn between Aang and Zuko for this one, but if pressed I’d have to pick Zuko. His story is just amazing– the development is substantial and is carried out so well. His internal struggle is fascinating and compelling (am I creepy yet?)… and his design is pretty sweet. I think his relationships with a lot of the characters are fleshed out extremely well. Favourites include bromance/ foil(?) with Aang, familial love with Iroh, rivalry with Azula, and of course the messed up father-son dynamic with Ozai. He’s so, so complex, but it’s still possible to empathize with him because you know where he’s coming from. Zuko is also painfully awkward, and this only endears me to him. He’s hilarious. Also, his firebending is badass (breakdancing? Yes, please!) as is his voice (Dante Basco, woo!). Yeah, I love Zuko.

30 day ATLA challenge, day two

Least favourite episode: I’m gonna have to go with “The Runaway” for this one. Not much happened, to my memory. They fleshed out the differences and associated tension/ drama between Katara and Toph (which we already knew about) and Sparky Sparky Boom Man tried to blow them up. I never like picking “least favourites”, but I guess if I had one, this would be it?

Avatar: The Last Airbender 30-Day Challenge: Day 6

Day 6: Favorite Element Nation

Air Nomads. I’m a vegetarian, and despite my sarcasm and occasional competitive side, I’m a pacifist. I believe in forgiveness, in getting over things and moving on. Life is too short to not love everyone around you. Physical violence should be used as self-defense or when necessary, not as a release of emotions. Writing or meditation is a good way to get rid of angst. Not beating someone or something. So yeah. Air nomads.

Felt like doing another one of these!

30 day ATLA challenge, day one

Favourite Episode: But I have so many– Bitter Work, Zuko Alone, Seige of the North ½, The Crossroads of Destiny, Sozin’s Comet ½/¾, The Western Air Temple… but if I had to pick, I would (hesitantly) pick The Avatar and the Firelord. This is a heavy, beefy episode, and it is always satisfying to watch. The history behind the hundred-year war and the insight into Avatar Roku’s and Firelord Sozin’s lives was thrilling to learn about for a perpetually curious person like me. The revelation that Roku was Zuko’s great grandfather was just amazing, too. I felt as if the capacity Zuko had for good and evil, along with his own internal struggle, was a real driving force behind book three. Also, I just really like both Avatar Roku and Zuko, so an amazing episode focused mostly on them pushed this to the top.

Avatar: The Last Airbender 30-Day Challenge: Day 4

Day 4: Least Favorite Character

Um. This is a tough one.

Let’s lay this out.

Iroh is tea-loving and everything awesome.

Aang is vegetarian and the peace-keeper and cool.

Katara is a kick-ass female character.

Zuko has a strong moral compass.

Sokka likes meat and sarcasm.

Azula is such a bad-ass villain.

Toph is a reality dose to everyone.

Appa is so fluffy and lovable.

Momo is… Momo. You can’t hate Momo.

So I don’t know.

I know they probably mean a major character, so I’m going to pass on this. A:TLA really outdid itself at creating dynamic characters where they tried. On characters with less appearances (i.e. Suki), they were kind of flat characters, but only because of lack of appearances. I really don’t have a least favorite character.

Avatar: The Last Airbender 30-Day Challenge: Day 1

Day 1: Favorite Episode

Zuko Alone - Episode 2x07

I know this isn’t a usual choice, but I just love this episode - hear me out.

It’s all centered around Zuko, and he’s also one of my favorite characters. He’s a good example that growing up surrounded by people who don’t care about you in a messed up environment really goes screw with your head, but a good person is a good person, and with the right people to guide you, you can come out okay.

In this episode Zuko is traveling away from his Uncle Iroh, and goes to an Earth Kingdom village where he stays with a young boy and his parents. Their eldest son had gone off to fight in the war. They accept Zuko and he helps with repairs around the land, and the little boy takes Zuko’s broadswords, playing with them. He just wants to be like Zuko, and his big brother, the little kid explains. He idolized Zuko.

Zuko shows him how to hold the broadswords and then gives him a pearl knife he had carried for quite some time to defend himself.

The little boy was caught by some mean-spirited Earth Kingdom guards, and they were going to force him to fight. In a desperate chance to help the boy, he fights the Earth Kingdom local force leader. The man can earthbend, and Zuko doesn’t want to firebend in the account that they would know he was Fire Nation. Zuko is almost defeated and the nearby villagers are losing hope - they want Zuko to win. Zuko remembers what he was told - remember who you are.

So, Zuko firebends and announces who he is (former Crown Prince to the Fire Nation throne) in order to defeat the leader, and the town then refuses to get anywhere near Zuko.

The mother of the little boy pulls him away, and the boy throws the knife on the ground, proclaiming “I hate you!”

The entire episode is also full of flashbacks to when Zuko grew up with his mother and Azula, and gives us some insight into how his mother disappeared and how Azula was a manipulative bitch even when she was younger. You also feel bad for little Zuko when he tries to firebend as a little kid and fails in front of his grandfather. He’s so embarrassed and he was only trying to prove he could do it. It breaks my heart every time.

It is just such a thought-provoking episode, and you could almost feel Zuko’s hurt. He couldn’t help who he was, where he was born. He was just trying to help the boy. Maybe he knew the repercussions, but it was necessary in order to teach the rude Earth Kingdom guards a lesson for messing with the little boy.

There you go. My favorite episode. I’m going to stop talking now because I typed way too much.

Avatar: The Last Airbender 30-Day Challenge: Day 2

Day 2: Least Favorite Episode

The Library 

I didn’t like this one or The Desert, the one right after it. The reason this one is my least favorite versus the other one is, of course, the fact that Sokka was high off of cactus juice for the majority of the episode. Who doesn’t love a high Sokka? Oh. Momo was high too I’m pretty sure. So that made that The Desert better than this one, but they’re probably my bottom two.

I don’t know. A lot of season two just fell a little short for me, yet it holds some of my favorites. The Drill, Lake Laogai, The Earth King, City of Walls and Secrets, and The Chase were all just ehh. I loveloveloved The Tales of Ba Sing Se, Zuko Alone, and a few of the beginning episodes were just like any other A:TLA episodes - great and amazing.

But there you go. This is my least favorite just because it was. I have no real reason other than it just didn’t feel like an authentic A:TLA episode. Well, it did, I was just waiting for it to be over - something that I almost never feel with A:TLA.

So voila. No rationality, just my least favorite.