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3, 2, 1 Now Fall in my arms now - Alex Gaskarth imagine


A/N: Some weeks ago i found this Andy Biersack imagine that was based on Check Yes Juliet by We The Kings, I read it and kinda got inspired to write my own imagine based on that one but about Alex Gaskarth.   the writer is here . 

Warnings: None

Your POV

I walked into my last class of the day, Math. It was my first day of school, i’d just moved into this town so I didnt really know many people except my best friend who moved here  two years before I did. Hopefully she remembered me and offered to show me around. 

Once I entered the classroom the teacher intoduced me  to the class and vice versa. “Class this is Y/N, please make her feel welcome, Uh Y/N you can go sit next to Alex” he said. I made my way through the desks to the back and sat down next to a boy full of tattoos which i guess was Alex. “Okay class now that we’re all settled, I have a worksheet for all of you to do. Take one and pass them on”

While I was working I  felt Alex’s  eyes on me. once in a while I would look up at him but his eyes would quickly go back to the worksheet.I can’t gonna lie, he was attractive. Very attractive indeed.

Suddenly the bell rang and everyone started gathering their things. I gathered my equipment end exited the classroom. I reached my locker and started taking stuff out and putting stuff in. I closed the locker door to see Alex with a small smirk on his face

"Hello gorgeus" he said

I couldn’t not blush at that. I looked up and replied “Hi”

"Listen I think your beautiful and i would love to have your phone number" he said, still smirking.

"U-Uh sure" I stuttered. I ripped out a piece of clean paper out of my notebook and wrote my number on it. I gave it to Alex and kissed his cheek softly. I walked out of school with a big smile and red cheeks.

Once I got home I told my parents about Alex, They really didn’t take it well. They told me strictly to stay away from him.

Once  Alex and I  started texting and talking to each other I realized that I just simply couldn’t stay away from him.

six months later

Alex and I got closer by the second. about four months ago he acutally asked me out, of course  I said yes.  Alex and I  were helplessly in love.

Unfortunately we had to keep our relationship a secret, my parents refused to let me talk to him, be with him etc. They didn’t know that Alex was actually the sweetest most amazing person ever, I knew everyone thought bad about him, that he was the bad boy, did drugs and all of that stuff but all of that was just a flithy lie, he never did any of that, people just didnt know him, he was an amazing guy, smart, funny, charming.

I were looking at my  graduation diploma at 10pm thinking. I was finnally free from school, Alex and I might have a chance to live happily now. then I heard a small rock hit my window. I opened the window and saw Alex outside with an adorable little grin on his face,

"Alex, What are you doing here? We’re gonna get caught!" I whispered/shouted at him "princess please run away with me?" he asked, me and him had always talked about how our life would be if  we ran away together. 

"A-Alex are you serious?" I reply

"Yes princess, we’ll finally have the life we’ve always dreamed of, live without someone telling us  that we can’t be together, start a family, you can go to that art college you always talk about and we would live happily" he said

"Of course i’ll run away with you! Thats all i’ve been thinking about, i think about that every single day of my life. As long as i’m with the love of my life i’m happy Alex" I explained. Then I realized that Alex was still outside your house in the cold night. "lex come up here" I said. He started climing up the tree quetly and made his way to my bedroom window.

Once he was in he pulled me into into a long passionate kiss.

"i love you Y/N"

" i love you too Alex" I replied

"C’mon babe lets pack your stuff, my car’s already outside" he says.

I puled out suitcases and start putting all of my things inside.  about half an hour later I was  done and Alex was  helping to get my bags from the roof into his car while i was still on the roof passing him some of my things, once all of our stuff is in his car he carried me down from the roof to the ground, which didnt really end well, we crashed down into a bush which made a loud crash with all the decorations my mum had put on it.  we saw a light from my  parents room, “oh shit” alex said. we ran to the car and got in. Just when alex started the car my father came out angry as he ran to the car 

"Get away from my daughter you filthy animal" he said.

Alex began to drive quickly to get away from my dad

"bring my daughter back right now!" by the end of his sentence he was already gone. 

Alex and I laughed as we continued driving till we saw the light of day. 

And thats how I started my amazing life with Alexander William Gaskarth, The schools bad boy

A/N ahhh i loved that. i hope you like it too. I hope all of you are okay with first person writing. i dont really like third person. so most of my imagines will be first person and if requested third. BTW this was my first imagine and feel free to request band members and topics :)