INDIA, Jalandhar : Indian schoolchildren prepare lighted candles ahead of a vigil in the northern city of Jalandhar late December 16, 2014, as they pay tribute to slain Pakistani schoolchildren and staff after an attack on an army school in the restive city of Peshawar. Pakistan began three days of mourning on December 17, for the 132 schoolchildren and nine staff killed by the Taliban in the country’s deadliest ever terror attack as the world united in a chorus of revulsion. The 141 people were killed when insurgents stormed an army-run school in the northwestern city of Peshawar on Tuesday and systematically went from room to room shooting children during an eight-hour killing spree. AFP PHOTO/SHAMMI MEHRA

A teenager who was injured in Tuesday’s attack on the Army Public School in Peshawar owes his life to his teacher, who tried to shield her students from the Taliban gunmen that opened fire on them.

Irfanullah, 15, told Newsweek he would likely be dead if his teacher, 24-year-old Afsha Ahmed, hadn’t intervened.

 “She seemed to understand what was going on before we did because she immediately stood up and prevented the terrorists from targeting us,” he added.

According to a tearful Irfanullah, Ahmed told the terrorists that she would not allow them to shoot her students. “She was so brave,” he said. “Her last words to the terrorists were: ‘You must kill me first because I will not see my students’ bodies lying in front of me,’” he added.

Irfanullah says the Taliban didn’t seem to care about anything she said and immediately threw something on her body. “The next thing we knew, she was on fire,” he said. “Even while burning, she shouted at us to run away and find refuge.”

The teenager says he still feels guilty for abandoning his teacher, despite knowing he could have done nothing. “I feel so selfish for running away instead of trying to find a way to save her,” he said. “She is my hero … she was like a superwoman,” said Irfanullah. “Who will teach us now?”

If anyone tries to tell you that Muslims are all out to get us, that they never speak out against terrorism or suffer because of terrorism, tell them about Peshawar.

Tell them how 140+ people were slaughtered, mostly children, by the Taliban. Make them see the human cost that terrorism has on the Muslim community. Because as awful as Sydney was, and as terrible as the Canadian parliament attack was, and as horrific as the Boston Marathon bombings were, and as much as 9/11 hurts to this day, the slaughtering of school children in Pakistan happened too. Its just one more attack on Muslims in the name of extremist indoctrination disguised as religion. One little girl survived by laying among dead bodies and trying not to scream. Instructors tried to barricade classrooms as terrorists roamed the halls with guns and suicide vests. A teacher was doused in gasoline and set on fire in front of students. Children ran for their lives and were shot dead as they tried to escape. 

All terrorism hurts but don’t for one second let anyone forget Peshawar. Don’t let anyone get away with a discussion about the victims of terrorism that doesn’t include the Muslim community. 


Pray for every child in Pakistan…

A video statement from Malala on the Peshawar school attack:
"We should make sure that every child gets safe and quality education."

Check out “Malala’s Statement on Peshawar School Attack" on #Vimeo  #peshawar #pakistan #education #TheLast #Malala

December 8 2014 - An off-duty policeman is in critical condition in hospital Monday evening after he climbed into the lion’s enclosure at Barcelona zoo. 

Police sources say he was on unpaid leave and was a member of the local police force. They added that the same man, also dressed in fatigues, was arrested after he suspended swastikas from the scaffolding on a building last month in a protest that compared abortion to the Nazis. [video]/[article]

At times like the ‪Peshawar Attack, one of the most notable questions that is always asked is “why kids?, why at times of violence and war, innocent kids are always killed?” Unfortunately, there’s an answer. The killing of kids is not coincidental but more so strategic. Kids are feared [& killed] because they are young, they are the future, the most powerful entity of any society. In fear, those who kill kids, remove a potential “threat”. They fear kids will grow, become powerful and overthrow them. So they resort to killing these kids…while they’re still young and unable to protect themselves. The same goes for the destruction of schools, once a school is destroyed…the institution that is able to equip these kids with knowledge (the most powerful weapon) is eliminated also. As i said, it’s never coincidental when horrible things like this happen.
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PAKISTAN, Peshawar : An injured Pakistani student lies on a bed at a hospital following an attack by Taliban gunmen on a school in Peshawar on December 16, 2014. Taliban insurgents killed at least 130 people, most of them children, after storming an army-run school in Pakistan December 16 in one of the country’s bloodiest attacks in recent years. AFP PHOTO/ A MAJEED