The idea behind this collection of workouts is to maximize your schedule! They all are based on HIIT style intervals where you have 2 minutes of medium exertion exercises, 1 minute of high exertion exercise, and then 30 seconds of a strength building exercise. Whether you’re seriously on the run and only have 10 minutes or want to combine any of these for a longer, custom workout, you can make this plan work for your goals!

For more at home, equipment free workout plans like this go here! :)


I decided to do this in a three part series so that you can start with your current fitness level and build up as you get stronger! These routines are a great way to get total body toning because they combine fat burning cardio intervals with intensifying strength intervals. Each level gets harder so move up at your own pace and track your progress along the way! Do these with a few days a week of whatever cardio you like, running and walking are my favorites.

Remember, the most important thing is to listen to your body, if something is too hard scale back or if you need an extra rest day take it. Don’t forget at least one total rest day per week! You can find demos for each of the strength moves  on youtube too. :)

There’s tons more at home exercise plans here! :)


With the recent heat streak these have been coming in handy! Many of these combine cardio and strength training because that combination both burns fat and tones & strengthens muscles for the most efficient workout! You can repeat cycles to customize the length to what YOU want to do.

For more at home, equipment free workout plans go here! :)

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Whether you’re looking for a quick 10 minute warm up before strength training or a daily 20-30 minute routine, these are perfect wherever you are! They combine straight cardio with strength building cardio to maximize your time and give you more energy throughout the day! Have fun! :)

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These workouts use combinations of strength and cardio to really make the most of your time! They all work on the idea of HIIT workouts (High Intensity Interval Training) by using shorter periods of more intense cardio with longer periods of medium intensity. This helps get your heart rate up and keep it up! If the weather’s nice you can even go outside and soak up some sun while getting your workout in! (If it’s rainy I love to put on my favorite show on Netflix and do these right from home). You can add these into your existing cardio plan (they’re great for cross training!) or cycle through them for a weekly total body plan!

For more at home workout plans go here! :)