The Importance of Team Culture

Team culture is inarguably one of the most important elements of a successful rowing program.  As a coach, it’s great to have a handful of super-talented, highly motivated athletes, but if those individuals don’t have a similar set of priorities, values and goals, they will fall short of their potential.

Although team culture can vary greatly from one boathouse to another, all successful programs have an underlying team culture that sets priorities and expectations, guides attitudes and behavior on and off the water, and ultimately has a tangible impact on the performance of the team. Finding the “right” culture is a very important consideration for any young person who hopes to make rowing a meaningful part of his or her college experience.

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Badass Women Who Destroyed Stereotypes and Inspired Future Generations

Top to bottom, left to right

1. Anna Fisher, the 1st mother in space

2. Female Hell’s Angels

3. Jeanne Manford, founder of PFLAG

4. Sarla Thakral, 1st woman in India to earn her pilot’s license

5. Katherine Switzer, 1st registered woman to run the Boston Marathon

6. Marina Ginesta, communist militant during the Spanish Civil War

7. Margaret Hamilton, lead engineer of the Apollo Mission (it took a woman to put man on the moon)

8. Gertrude Ederle, 1st woman to swim the English Channel

9. Annie Lumpkins, voting rights activist

10. Sobiha Gokcen, 1st Turkish female fighter pilot


This post is about It Follows.  I saw It Follows yesterday and it has been churning around in my mind as excellent films are want to do.  So It Follows is here.  This is not a knock against Maika Monroe, indeed she is a large part of why it is so excellent, it’s just that she is also infused with my love for the movie.  I want so badly to talk about it but I also don’t want to spoil it.  I went in mostly blind, other than highly touted and ridiculously well reviewed I didn’t know anything about this movie going in.  I mean, I knew it was by the guy who mad the Myth of the American Sleepover, and I liked that movie, but that isn’t really a plot thing.  The movie was excellent, at once reminiscent of so many things but also wholly unique in how it felt. Maika Monroe was the lead, playing the pretty girl everything revolved around and she is indeed pretty but that’s not why she’s here.  She is here because the entire cast gave just excellent, naturalistic performances as teenagers and a group of friends with a lot of history but hers was the best. There are a couple moments where her acting was just awesome.  This one scene in a hospital.. it’s wordless and it is so good.  The movie is so good.  I really want ot talk about it so you know, if you’ve seen it send me an ask, we’ll talk about the movie.  Maika Monroe has now been in two things in a row that I have thought she was really good in.  She is also apparently a professional kiteboarder which is just stupid because how many things does someone need to be good at?  I don’t know, I liked the movie, I liked her performance so today I want to fuck Maika Monroe.