Parttt two of that sketchbook from before. This will be the end of the dump. My doggy, Goku, was still around during the time, so I drew him because he slept a lot since he was getting really sick. I miss him so much still. ;3;
Pablo Escobar is in there because I dedicated my whole thesis project (In the illustration department at SVA during your junior year you have to complete athesis project based on a theme) on him because the theme was Crime and Punishment.
Deadline for the thesis is the 26th of March and I’m almost done. If I get into the show, I will announce it and hope you guys can make it. I will do a really detailed post on my thesis once the show is over and everything calms down. I have so much work from it because I’ve been working on it since mid October, I believe. And the last 4 images are my original characters that I always be drawing and never talk about yet. The little weird alien looking creatures are nature spirits and they’re always mad. and the buggy looking ones are spirit world spirits and I was inspired by physics volt diagrams and cockroaches for them :B