Hello everyone. I made this. Yes.

I read alot of books. Ever since I learned how to understand those marks upon paper, I’ve travelled within many worlds and experienced the magic that my many books have brought upon me. Anyone who has met me and walked through the door of my nest, knows that I might have a little problem when it comes to books. Some girls have problems with shoes or clothes or makeup as they feel a constant draw to the things that make them happy. They keep acquiring and hoarding such things, surrounding them with what gives them the most peace. This is how I am with books. I don’t pay mind to the fact that I may own a hundred books that I have yet to read, but I do pay mind to worlds that they hold. I can feel them vibrating their energy throughout my home and then, when it comes to that time of choosing, I sit before their many bodies and take my time to decide where I want my soul to stride, which adventure I want to take.

Lately I’ve been endeavoring on some wonderful adventures. I want to share them with you. And so, from now on,  I’ll be posting about the stories I’ve decided to explore as well as keeping up with everything I find magical and wonderful.