Dear Mr. Vernon,
  We accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a whole Saturday in detention for whatever it was we did wrong, but we think you’re crazy for making us write an essay telling you who we think we are. You see us as you want to see us, in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions, but what we found out is that each one of us is:

      a brain,
      and an athlete,
      and a basket case,
      a princess,
      and a criminal.

  Does that answer your question?

       Sincerely yours,
            The Breakfast Club.   

On what frutrates me about football players

"Giants guard Chris Snee plans to play in the Pro Bowl in two weeks despite a torn hip labrum and bone chips in his hip that hampered him throughout the NFL season.”


Snee, according to a source familiar with his situation, has opted not to have surgery on his hip for now and will take part in the Jan. 27 game in Honolulu. He may still need what the source described as a “minor” surgical procedure, but he’ll discuss his options with doctors after the Pro Bowl is over.

Even if he has the minor surgery sometime next month, the source said Snee expects he’ll be ready for the start of training camp in July.

Snee, who turns 32 next Friday, was selected to his fourth Pro Bowl despite clearly struggling with his painful hip injuries over the final few months of the season. Two other Giants – WR Victor Cruz and DE Jason Pierre-Paul – are scheduled to play in the game, too.”

I am SO obsessed with the Olympics...

I am also heartbroken by things like this:

Shin A Lam losing a chance to medal because of a mechanical error.  This video breaks my heart.  The despondent way she sits on the piste…the look in her eyes.  I’m glad it has no commentary.  The silence is deafening as she waits to hear her fate…the fate of her athletic career.  Damn.

There was also an American swimmer in a race yesterday who had a false start due to a technical error as well, and while she was not DQed (like Park)  it still totally threw off her mojo and she did not swim the race she was ready to swim.  

I’m also still super pissed (as I’m sure most Olympics fans are) about the new gymnastics rules that only accept 2 gymnasts into the All-Around finals, despite the gymnasts individual scores.  I did not know any of the current gymnasts before these games, but while watching I have grown incredibly fond of them, and seeing the hurt on Jordyn’s face when she found out she did not make it was heartbreaking.  She was the favorite, the shoe-in.  Sure, she made some errors that cost her dearly.  But her score is still higher than other athletes from rival nations whose gymnasts will continue to compete with a clean slate in the finals.  I completely agree with the sentiment that the BEST athletes should advance, regardless of nationality.  

For the slain ones

Swelces siblings sceada ofslægen
Sculon singan freondes sorigende on sele.
Hwæt! Ða fyrdrincas caflicehie farað
Astealdon on ærende wyrd ærest ða onfinde
Ðara agristlicra wundena, hiera willum cweðað lastword.
We munon ðara mihtena, mihtig gemynda.
Ða banselas biernað ond beorhtnys us ablænde
Gastas gægniað afre, hwæðre we greotað.
Æfre abiðan in gemynd swa swa æðele ðegnas ær.
Beloved kinsmen, slain by criminals,
Their friends shall sing, sorrowfully in the hall.
Lo! Those warriors, when bravely they went forth
On errand, fate first found them.
Their terrible wounds will speak of their legacy.
We remember their strength, strong in our memory.
The bodies burn, and blind us with their brightness;
Their spirits will have joy forever, though we here grieve.
Ever shall they live in our memories, as noble thegns of old.

- From Atheling, © 2015 S.T. Sonntag  

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