It really bothers me that some people on this website bash Christians for being “intolerant” or “forcing their religion” on people. That is not true for all Christians just like not all atheists are horrible Christian haters. Most atheists aren’t and most Christians are not intolerant. Lots of my friends are atheist, one is Jewish, one is Mormon, my boyfriend is catholic, in fact I can only think of one friend who is Christian like me. Don’t tell me I’m intolerant when I respect all beliefs. I never force my Christianity onto others just like my atheist friends don’t force that onto me. We know what the other believes and we respect that. The most I have ever “forced my religion” on them is once I told my friend I was praying for her and then added that I know that isn’t her beliefs and that’s okay but I want her to know that I care about her. Saying these things about all Christians and Christianity when you are talking about a small percentage is just as intolerant as what you are saying Christians are doing.

"Atheists aren't oppresed lol"

I don’t know which white first-world dipshit motherfucker started this whole “atheists aren’t oppressed lol” fad on tumblr but it’s got to end right fucking now.

maybe atheists aren’t outright discriminated in your white first world countries, but there are countries where it is completely possible to be trialed for anything that can be considered “heresy” or “apostasy” and even tracked down and killed for running a website on atheism or similar topics.

Hell, most of your privileged countries are dominated by white christians, it’s socially acceptable to talk negatively of “non-believers”, to ignore this, is just part of the problem, just because we are out of the dark ages doesn’t mean religious dominance is not a big problem in our society.

If you can’t see beyond what happens on your own country, you shouldn’t even be talking about oppression to begin with.


Dear Atheists, Let me explain...

Christians follow the New Testament

The Old Testament is more like a history lesson to compare with the New.

Jesus broke the laws of the Old Testament with His sacrifice.

The laws of the Old Testament would be ridiculous and impossible to follow now-days. 

But because of his sacrifice, we don’t have to try to obey those Old Laws.

The 10 commandments (Old Laws) still serve as guidelines for the conduct of Christians. Why? Because regardless of what century we live in, senseless murder and stealing is not okay. Yeah, that would include shooting the innocent with guns and stealing from the poor as well…still not okay. Okay?

For instance, God was going to punish Moses in the Old Testament for not circumcising his son, but in the New Testament, after Jesus’ sacrifice, the prophet Paul specifically said that it is no longer necessary to circumcise boys. Paul said that circumcision is part of the Old Law and was no longer necessary to follow. Why? Because of Jesus. (It may sound ridiculous to you, but it’s just that simple).

And the Old Testament never instructed believers to kill “homosexuals”. If you believe so, you’re going to have to show me proof. I know you all love proof. Please show me the specific scripture. 

And there you go. It’s that simple. 

Now stop trying to belittle or discredit other people’s beliefs when you don’t even understand what they believe in. Thank you. 

I know not all atheists live to attack or argue the beliefs of others, I have atheist friends that respect me and my beliefs. And I respect them.

Edit: No one has the right to tell others what they believe. 

And I never said that The Bible has all of the answers. Once again, don’t tell someone what they personally believe. You cannot tell people what they should or should not follow. This is what I and many others choose to follow. 

In the OT, it was God who chose to put “sinners” to death. You will have to show me a scripture in which His followers were instructed to kill “sinners”, because in many cases His followers were only told to kill enemies of battle or war. And once again, all of this was in the OT. Sodom and Gomorrah= OT. Noah’s flood=OT.

And even if one who does not believe reads The Bible more than your average Christian, that does not mean they have the appropriate interpretation of it. You can read something a dozen times and still not understand it fully. 

I guess my ultimate point is: if you are going to make an argument against Christianity, please use the NT and examples of the life of Jesus. Please do not pretend to be an authority over something you are not or no longer a part of. 

It’s better to ask questions about things that are different than pretend to be an expert on them. We should learn from each other, not try to prove whose “right”.

Christians follow the NT because that’s when Jesus manifested himself. How could a Christian follow the OT if Jesus had not been manifested onto the Earth yet? No, we don’t follow both. Not exactly. Not all denominations at the least.

This is what I believe. Misunderstandings and false interpretations cannot change this. Why do I believe? Because I want to. To many, religion gives hope and purpose. If this is how one finds hope and purpose, then they should be able to do so in peace.

*drops mic and will no longer address it because either you understand or you will just remain close-minded”.

ALOT of Liberal Christians don't seem to understand how much of a minority they actually are within American Christianity...

… and get super-duper defensive of people venting against Christians/Christianity.

We’re generally not talking about you and you’ve no idea what it’s like to live under the control of fundamentalists and you probably don’t have to deal with them very often either.

Just step back, please. And let people vent. 


Atheists and Humanists Are Doing More Than Just Condemning the Tragic Shooting of the Chapel Hill Muslim Students.

When an atheist attacked and killed 3 Muslim students in Chapel Hill, North Carolina recently, many people mentioned the idea of how atheists should condemn the attack. Although atheism was not the cause of the attack, atheist and humanist organizations, as well as all descent human beings condemned the attack. Some atheists and humanists have decided to go one step further.

Deah Barakat, one of the victims in the shooting, was a graduate dental student at the University of North Carolina and planned to travel with the Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS) Foundation to Syrian refugee camps. Before his death, Barakat recorded a video seeking donations for a SAMS project called “Refugee Smiles.” In it, he announced his intention to travel to Turkey with SAMS this summer to perform dental work among the Syrian refugees, especially children. He was seeking donations for toothpaste, toothbrushes and other dental supplies to take on the trip. Barakat’s cause has now been adopted by atheists, humanists and other nonbelievers who are raising funds for SAMS in his name. The drive collected $20,125 a week after the killings were committed on Feb. 10.

To see people from different walks of life come together for a good cause, however, is truly remarkable! 



Atheist American Blogger Killed In Bangladesh

Hate Group Publishes Map Of Atheist And LGBT Friendly Groups

Hate Group Publishes Map Of Atheist And LGBT Friendly Groups

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The group published a detailed mapof what they call anti-Christian groups across the country. The groups include LGBT friendly…

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Are Atheists Angrier Than Everyone Else?

The idea of the “angry atheist” is a pervasive one. Along with “militant,” it’s the adjective most often appended to people like Bill Maher or Richard Dawkins (the author of The God Delusion, who seems determined to replace his legacy as a brilliant evolutionary biologist with one as “guy who’s kind of a dick on Twitter”). In survey after survey, Americans see non-believers as untrustworthy and immoral. One study found that 48 percent of Americans would disapprove if their child married an atheist.

In an article in an upcoming issue of The Journal of Psychology: Interdisciplinary and Applied, a group of American psychologists examine what they call “the myth of the angry atheist.” Do people actually think all atheists are furious, or does it just feel that way? And, if the stereotype exists, is there any validity to it?

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Atheists Fuming At What Will Be Built On A County Courthouse

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Commissioners in Gaston County, North Carolina voted unanimously Tuesday to place our country’s motto on the front of the Gaston County Courthouse.

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