The stereotype of the angry atheist, much like the stereotype of the angry feminist, is widespread, used by believers to stigmatize and discredit atheists. The eagerness to discredit atheists makes sense, as many of the faithful fear that arguments against the existence of the supernatural are too persuasive and so want to discourage even listening to atheists in the first place. But it’s always seemed weird to me that calling someone “angry” is supposed to be such a slam dunk insult, suggesting, as it does, that complacency is some kind of virtue.

The Christian right wants to paint nonbelievers as spittle-flecked rage machines. They doth protest too much

The wonderful thing about being an atheist is that nobody speaks for us. Nobody defines our views as atheists. We speak for ourselves. Our words and our actions speak for us individually, no scripture or book, no “scholar” or religious leader. Some atheists may be more vocal than others, but they don’t speak for me, they speak for themselves. Only I speak for me and only my actions and my words can speak about my views.

April 23rd, 2015 is Openly Secular Day!

What is Openly Secular Day?
Openly Secular Day is a celebration of secular people opening up about their secular worldview, and an opportunity for theistic allies to show their support for secular friends and family. This is a day to help others understand our values and how we think. You can participate by attending a local event, making a video, or posting on social media, or you can get involved in other ways!

Why should you celebrate Openly Secular Day?
Real and perceived atheist prevalence reduces anti-atheist prejudice. Therefore, Openly Secular Day will help people realize they already know good and compassionate atheist, agnostic, humanist and nonreligious people. Join us by celebrating Openly Secular Day and the secular people in your life!

What's funny

Is when many atheists claim that they don’t have an organized religion. I mean come on - you have a set belief system and practices that 99% of the time consists of putting other people down and trying to convince them how illogical their own belief system is. That’s called proselytizing, and is a common custom practiced by religious missionaries trying to convert people to their faith. Folks, just because you don’t believe in a higher power doesn’t mean you don’t have a religion. You still worship mankind, and you still - certainly - worship yourselves.

Atheism is the concept that preserves equality. My atheism allows me to see the whole world as equal. Whether you are a non-believer like me, or you are a believer and have your own ways, we are all equal. We are all human. Your beliefs or my lack of beliefs do not make any one of us morally superior, nor do they lead either one of us to a better or worse place after we die. We are all human and atheism allows me to be more progressive and inclusive. Atheism allows me to take the time to understand other humans, and see no difference in others regardless of their beliefs. Because at the end of the day, neither one of us is “doomed”, we each find the path that works for us. For you it is perhaps belief in a higher power, for me it is the tranquil and empowering belief in myself.

Interesting conversation with theist mom.

So, with all the events that happened… The Nepal earthquake and such, well I’ve decided to ask some things to her.

Me: I’ve heard that Christians are praying for the Nepalese to convert to Chistianity. Her: Those pagans don’t worship a God. They’re just teaching those Nepalese the right things. And maybe the story was sensationalized. Me: We were also pagans before the Spanish colonized us. (I’m not American BTW) So does that mean that non-Christians go to hell, and since our ancestors weren’t, does that mean our pagan ancestors went to hell?

Her: Only God can judge them (nice cop out, mom!)

Me: Why do missionaries send bibles to starving African kids instead of water? Her: We humans have spiritual, physical, blah, blah needs. Well I forgot to ask her how those Africans could comprehend the bible (anyone with a normal functioning head wouldn’t), I mean they’re starving, no food=no brain power?

And in the end, she told me that I’m sounding anti-Christian. Well, unfortunately, I would have to feel like a fugitive seeking refuge because it’ll be a long time til I’ll be self-sufficient

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Atheism does not dismiss theism as “unintelligent”. Being an atheist should not result in dismissing believers as intellectually inferior, or making fun of them because their beliefs are literally unbelievable for us and cannot be proven. I take the time to listen carefully to the concerns and views of those who are believers, be it Christians, Jews, Muslims, or any other religious group. We need to be understanding of people’s reasons for believing, just as believers should be understanding of us for not believing. But how do you expect that to happen when you dismiss them as “foolish”, the same way some go on adding to the misconceptions some have about atheism? Many believers tends to not understand the wonders and joys of being an atheist. Many cannot understand how atheism helps us to love and enjoy life, and to show acts of kindness to others. Many believers haven’t even met an atheist! Do you honestly want them to have their first experience with an atheist come off as having met an arrogant person who sees them intellectually inferior? Being an atheist does not mean hating the concept of God, it just means we do not believe it and live a great life that way.